September - "Showers of blessings"


I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. What’s left of it anyway. Things have been crazy busy as seems to be the norm for everyone lately. We haven’t got high speed yet, but we have a tech scheduled to come first thing Monday morning! I will be jumping for joy! House renovations are still on the go daily. But major progress has been made.

Here is an overview of what’s been going on in our lives since the beginning of September:

Sept. 2/07 - I recieved the sweetest award from Connie at "Mamma of 2 Sweet Angel Boys"
I was thrilled to recieve such a beautiful and unique award. Thank you SO much Connie!!

“This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you’ve been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award.”

5. Connie (I don't know if I can send it back to the person who sent it to me, but Connie is definitely deserving!)
7. Margo

Sept. 5/07 The exchange students’ first day of school

"We took this photo at Peggy's Cove. When the Lucci and Anne arrived to NS we enjoyed travelling some of the local sites."

- Daddy and Jacob (with view of the ocean behind)
Family Picture (ocean view)
Jacob on the rocks (I guess this one has an ocean view too)

Sept. 6/07 My first piano lesson. I have been loving it! A half an hour just goes by WAY to fast!

Sept. 9/07 My 26th Birthday - Yes, I am oficially a quarter of a century old and now round to thirthy :( Woe is me jk. It was a special day getting together with family. My great grandmother, Viola who is 94 was also at the party. She sure amazes me. It never ceases to amaze me what the human body is capable of. Lucci and Anne made me a special dinner and dessert as their 'gift' to me. It was wonderful and very tasty!

Sept. 11/07 I had my first training session for my new part time job. I go house to house and work whatever hours work for me. Ryan just started too so I am LOVING working with him. We really make an amazing team! We have a meeting every Thursday evening. It doesn't even feel like work to me. Every time I go, I feel like I have known these people my whole life. It's such a great place to be. I feel like I am hanging out with friends.

Sept. 13/07 Yesterday!!!! My nephew Michael was born!

I am just heading out to the hospital to see my bro and SIL again, so I will look forward to commenting on everyone’s blog’s on MONDAY when we have high speed!!!!! Hooray for technology!


Summer said...

Glad to have you back!! WOW!! You have had a busy Summer. Congrats to your brother. Your nephrew is so adorable!! Great pics of the family.

P.S. COngarts on the award!!!

laura said...

Hey :)
Good to read something from you ;)
Congrats to Holly and Rich! Michael looks so cute!
Can't wait to see you in December!!!

Stacey said...

Welcome back to bloggy land! It's good to hear from you again. Congrats to your brother and sister in law!

HeiressChild said...


and welcome back to blogland. i love your scrolling picture collage at the top. congratulations on your newest family member. you've had a busy exciting summer.

you'll enjoy the piano. one of my goals for this year is to start playing the piano also. i used to play the violin, so i'm familiar with music notes.

imagine my surprise just now to see my name nominated for an award. how special! thank you so much; you've made my nite.

how long will your exchange students be with you? for the rest of the school year? i know it's exciting for them and you.

enjoy the rest of your weekend, and looking forward to your new posts. thanks again shanilie for my award. i will be posting it to my blog and passing it on.

connie said...

Hello by blogger friend~it's great to hear from you again! You have been busy! Can't wait to hear more & see pics (when you post them) of the renovations to your new house! And, a BIG congratulations on the newest family member to your family~he's precious!

Wendy said...

Hey Shanilie! I was so glad to click over and see an update:) I am glad that you are enjoying your exchange students! They must love being with you all and going on some little day trips.

Your nephew is so beautiful!! Congrats Aunt Shanilie:)

Thanks so much for the award:)

Dianna said...

AWW gee thank you for the lovely gesture. I'm touched. But unfortunately I can't seem to figure out how to add that label on my blog. I've been avoiding doing that cause I honestly don't know how to move it unto my blog. HEEEELLLP ME!!

Margo said...

Welcome baby!!!!!! Congratulations to the new parents and aunt! ;-)

Thank you for the award. You are by far the most deserving! You put a lot of thought into your posts and comments too!

Ute said...

Great, your are back. I still need to read about all that happened to you lately, but I'm glad to hear from you again. And my blog is in need to get back to live again...

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