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Months ago I received a wonderful product called ReliaDose from a woman who is a representative from Blaine pharmaceuticals. She came across my blog and thanked me for providing a wonderful tool for mothers to gain insight as well as interaction with one and other. She also asked me if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products! I have always wanted to do a review so when I checked my email and saw the subject line “Product For Review”, I was extremely excited, surprised and just had to jump at the chance!

Recently Blaine pharmaceuticals launched a new product called ReliaDose that masks the taste of Medicine for babies and ensures dosing accuracy.

ReliaDose features a patented medicine delivery system that includes a dual-chamber nipple, bottle, and syringe that work together to mask the taste of medicine while ensuring safe, accurate dosing every time.

Because Jacob doesn’t use a bottle any more and takes his medicine by spoon I asked one of my friends teething babies to give it a try and it worked like a charm. All I know is that I wished I had this product when Jacob was still taking a bottle. At times it was so difficult giving him baby Tylenol when he was teething or had the flu. As soon as he saw the syringe that I used, he would turn his head away as I tried giving it to him and most of it would end up being spit out or running down his face. So I know at times he definitely did not get the amount required.

Here is a diagram to demonstrate how it works.
Needless to say, I love this item and think many mothers would find this product helpful. I know I would have! It still amazes me all of the great products out there that help make a mother’s life easier. This one is now added to the top of my list for next time. Feel free to check out their site. You can even order one here. They are also very affordable.

I would love to do my very first give away, so if any of my blog viewers are interested in the new ReliaDose, just leave me a comment with your email address or you can send your email addy to me via email by clicking the contact me link at the top right of my blog. Jacob will draw the winners name this Sat. evening. Enjoy!


Amber said...

I have never seen anything like that! What a great invention!!

connie said...

I wish there would've been something like that when both my boys were still taking bottles! I'd like to be entered into the contest though because my 2cd cousin's baby is due on October 18th (the shower I went to this past Sat.) & *if* I won, I'd give it to them for their baby ;) You know my email :) Great review Shanilie :)

Andrea said...

This sounds REALLY handy!! :) And congrats on having your first giveaway! Yay! :) Please enter me in. :)

Wendy said...

Interesting!! You can count me in!! Lani *hates* taking her meds now...this would help!

Kim Funk said...

thanks for answereing my questions your blog is so pretty!!

Shanilie said...

Your names have all been entered! This evening Jacob will draw the name and I will announce the winner tonight!!!! Though I have to admit I wish I could give one to all of you!

HeiressChild said...

gee, i hope i'm not too late shanilie. my email address is:

Shanilie said...

Hi Sylvia, nope, you're not too late. I got in VERY late last night so I didn't get the chance to do anything, and now I am heading out to hopefully after I will be able to announce the winner! Good luck all.

That Chick Over There said...

My kids are way to old for such things, but what a neat product!

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