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I was checking my email not too long ago and got an email from a representative from a pharmaceutical company who recently came across my blog and really liked it. She said it was fresh and new and a place that draws interest for other mothers. She said it was the type of blog they look for when they want a review! Can you believe that?! I never thought that I would ever get asked to do a review and now I finally get the opportunity to do a review on the product they have chosen for the pharmaceutical company! I am really excited about this opportunity as I have always wanted to a review and now I finally have a chance. I was floored. The product is on its way to me and as soon as it comes in the mail you can expect to see my very first review on my blog mid-late next week.....I hope!

In other news, I finally got the chance to take some pictures of my house. It is a work in progress with getting things in order and unpacking etc. With Ryan being away we haven't had the chance to do any reno. yet so guess what?.... August will be a month of changes. You can think of these as before pictures then I can show you after pictures when the time comes.

Our goal for August is:
- To put the wood flooring in the living room, hall, and bedrooms.
- Paint ALL rooms
- But before I can do that I have to remove ALL the wall paper :S
- Add closet doors
- Add white base board molding
- Make the kitchen cupboards look a little more modern
- Add curtains and blinds to all rooms

Ryan has 9 more days left of his training. I am surprised how quickly time has gone. Some moments went by VERY slow but all in all it wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be. I do NOT enjoy being apart from Ryan at all. The most difficult part was first thing in the morning when we would just cuddle as a family and Jacob would jump in bed between us. There have been nights where Jacob has started crying for daddy and holds onto photos of him that he got from one of the photo albums. I would normally not be happy about him taking pictures out of the photo album, but when I saw it was a picture of him and daddy I just hugged him and squealed with delight how daddy loves him and how handsome they both are.

Below are some pictures of the house!

- Front view of the house (close-up)
- Back yard (with glimpse of the ocean through the trees)
- Right side yard (my beautiful weeping willow tree that I LOVE)
- Living room (with the beautiful half-finished job of removing the wall paper ;) ... such a fun job...jk)

On a side note, some have asked me what Jacob was doing in the picture below in the previous post. He was crawling through the bottom of the piano bench. I never knew a child who loved crawling through tight spaces as much as him. Some days he will crawl under the rungs of the kitchen chairs and get stuck and some days he will crawl under the coffee table in the living room. Hmmm...I wonder what professions there are which involve small, tight spaces? It may be a good one for Jacob! lol


Summer said...

that is so great that you are able to do a review. Can't wait to see what the product is.

Your house is really nice. Can't wait to see the finished photos!

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie, wow, i am so happy for you and your family on the purchase of your home. that's going to be so rewarding when you have the finished product. it's a beautiful home, and you have so much land. and the ocean, wow!

the kitchen picture wasn't uploaded right, so we aren't able to see that one, but i enjoyed looking at the others. can't wait to see the finished product either.

thanx for explaining what jacob was doing in that last picture. i thought it was "hide and seek." *lol* soldiers have to crawl like that sometimes, depending on their assigned duties.

Ute said...

Hey, your new home looks great and such an amazing garden with wonderful trees. I can't wait to see more pictures about the changes you are planning to do.

connie said...

That's great about the review~way to go you! I don't know if I'd have time to do anything like that~I barely have enough time for email & blogging some days, LOL!

LOVE the pics of your house~it's beautiful~I know you guys must be so happy!! Jacob's room is soooo cute~I love it! I did notice that too about the pic of the kitchen~it links back to Photobucket.

You are NOT going to believe this (well, maybe you will ;) but weeping willow trees are one of my favorite trees too!!! Just another similarity to add to the "growing" list ;)

That's great that there's that little time left of Ryan's training (it's 7 days now ;)! It's going by really quickly~you'll be in each other's arms before you know it ;) That's so sad but sweet @ the same time about Jacob doing that w/the picture!

Looking forward to seeing pics of the renovations that you & Ryan do to your home :)

Wendy said...

Love your house! I am sooo jealous of your 'weeping willow' tree! Your yard looks so comfy and homey:)

Ellie's Dish said...

Congrats on getting to do a review! You must have really impressed this company with your blog, who knows where it could lead?

Your home is so cute and I love the ocean view. In a few months it will look completely like your own, after you have done the remodeling and it will be even more great.

I am sure it has been tough being separated from Ryan, but I can't believe he is already so near to done with his training! It seems like you had only been talking about him going a short while ago.

Keira said...

Maybe he'll be a cave spelunker! (Re: liking tight spaces)
He looks so grown up and handsome in that picture! I can't believe how fast kids grow! My nephews are all getting to be boys instead of babies!

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