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Two more weeks till Ryan is finished his militia training! I have been surprised at how fast time is going by and how busy! I am sorry to keep you all wondering where I have been. Each day I make lists upon lists of things to do to keep me busy. I have had many invites out for dinner, to the water park, and the wild life park etc. I took many pictures on a friends camera so I have to wait to get those: S Yes, I did it again, I left my camera behind. I really should have it attached to me at all times lol.

Jacob’s current favorite snack: frozen corn. The icy corn is great for soothing sore teething gums, it tastes great, affordable and best of all it is healthy. Some of his other favorite healthy snacks are:

1. Bananas
2. Fruit to go – VERY affordable

3. Nutrigrain bars

4. Grapes
5. Baby Carrots
6. Cheerios
7. And since it is summer - freezes! You can even make your own with whatever flavor fruit juices you want as well and it is very economical.

These snacks are all great and easy to prepare ahead of time so that when your child is ready for his/her millionth snack you will have something healthy on hand. And as I am sure all you mothers know with your active little ones, their little bellies fill and empty VERY quickly. I am always worried that Jacob is hungry. I don’t want my boy starving but I still want him to have an appetite for supper.

I also finally got the courage to finally go an pierce my nose again. I almost backed out as I was sitting in the chair. She asked “do you want me to count to 3 or unexpectedly?” and I froze. So finally I said don’t count just do it. Last time I got my nose pierced I did the right side closer to the front with a larger blue stone and pierced very slowly with a needle. OUCH! I can tell you. But this time I got it done with the gun, on the left side, farther back with a smaller clear stone. Much better! And I absolutely love it! Way more than last time.

Ryan calls late in the evenings when he gets the chance and tells me about his days. He is with a great group of guys. He has also met several other Christian men so I am glad he has this bonding time. The parade he will be in on his last day is in 2 weeks so I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures and seeing him all spiffed up.

Lastly, I thought recently that I would start doing a few parenting tips from time to time on my Blog. Mixed with professional advice, my thoughts, and experiences from others’. I think as Mom’s we enjoy sharing all the ‘good’ advice and our experiences.

My first topic is:

The Importance of Play!

I thought this was appropriate seeing as it is summer and we have so many outdoor fun activities that we almost feel lost on the dull, rainy days when we are stuck inside. Here are a few ideas:

“At every age and stage, play gives children a wonderful way to explore new ideas, develop their skills, work through anxiety or stress, and entertain or calm themselves.” By Amy Baskin

1. Play dough
2. Paint a picture
3. Get a basin with water to put cars or boats in or even a doll.
4. My favorite: making a tent with a few chairs pulled together and a large blanket over the top.
5. Acting out: cashier/shopper with fake food, playing doctor etc.
6. Getting dressed up. Old costumes etc. Children enjoy making up scenarios.

If you know of any other fun indoor activities please share them! I would love some fun, new ideas! Click here to send me some ideas.Thank you all!


Lucci said...

Hi Shanilie! Wow I haven't heard of these games for a long while, it's good to remember the old times ^~. My friends and I used to pretend we were renting our video tapes ( there was no dvd ;))It was fun! Hope everything is ok there!

connie said...

Wow, the time IS really passing by quickly~Ryan will be home before you know it ;)

Jacob's favorite snacks are definitely healthy! Kendall's most fav is bananas too! He loves ALL fruit but "nanas", as he says it, are his fav :)

Your nose piercing looks great~glad you finally worked up the courage to do it again :)

That's great that Ryan gets to call you~~~I know it's not like having him home but I'm sure it does help somewhat being able to hear his voice. How has Jacob been handling Ryan's absence?

The parent tips section of your blog sounds great! I have a couple to share :) Coloring & reading books. Kendall LOVES coloring~he's getting to the age where he doesn't like to sit still long for book reading but LOVES to color! Also, hide & seek! All of your activities are great as well ;)

Glad to hear from you & just keep positive~Ryan will be home before you know it :) (((Hugs)))

Dianna said...

WOW Haven't heard from you for ages. But I figured you are busy busy like we usually tend to be at this time of the year esp. I understand.
Glad time is passing by much quicker then you expected. I'm still thinking of you and also cheering you on while you're hubby is away. We'll all breathe a sigh of relief when he'll be back home just knowing you'll have him back. Man, blogging friends really make us attached to one another doesn't it?! I know it's def. like that on my part.
The nose piercing looks great. Adds character to a face. Love it.
Keep it up with healthy snacks for your son. You won't regret it years down the road and you'll be glad you went the extra mile to feed them healthy foods and and snacks.
Glad to have you back and read how you are managing. Thoughts of you often, Dianna

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie,

wow! time really passed by fast since your husband first went in.

i've thought about getting my nose pierced, but nah! too chicken. *lol* i like yours though.

looking forward to seeing pics when you post them. take care.

Ute said...

Great to hear from you. Wow, these are really healthy snacks. The girls love fruit to and they like tomatoes, but they like snacks like cookies as well...:-))

That is a good idea to put some advice for mothers on you blog, reminds me to update our "game of the month".

I can add some activities. On a rainy day Johanna, Louisa and me love to spend a day at the library. And they love to dance and sing songs, especially when they are allowed to dress up for that purpose.

Wendy said...

Time is flying right by for you:) I love the new nose ring! I would love to get one but I am way too afraid of the pain. My sister told me how bad hers hurt and that turned me off! If only I was a big drinker because that would be the only way I would ever get it done! LOL!!

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