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Wow, where do I begin? I’m back! I really do enjoy blogging and I have missed it. Now that Ryan is away I am certain I will have more time. Though the days have been beautiful and much of our time is spent outside. Anyway, I will first start with a meme. This one is long overdue and it will be the very first picture of my house. Connie 'Mom of 2 Sweet Angel Boys' first tagged me for this meme but I didn't get the chance, so here it is.
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First I will start with my thankfuls.

1. We are all moved in and I absolutely love our new place. It is so warm and cozy, spacious, OURS, and a great positive direction for us.
2. Ryan has successfully completed his first year of teaching, pretty much got a sub call every day, enjoys his work and looking forward to the fall.
3. Jacob is healthy, happy, loving the new place, and wasn’t alarmed by all the chances at all. 4. The cat is happy, and loves the new place. (the reason I mention it is because our past pets have REALLY been bothered by change)
5. Ryan is enjoying himself at basic training in Aldershot.
6. For family. Everyone has been so kind and generous with either watching Jacob, cleaning or loading and unloading boxes from place to place. Meals have pretty much been provided from Friday through to Tuesday. I continue to get several invitations a day which is nice because I don’t particularly enjoy eating by myself at the table with Jacob every meal. Though I think everyone doesn’t want me to be sitting at home depressed and missing Ryan lol jk. Either way, the company has been really nice and much appreciated. Lets just say that my hormones have been like an emotional rollercoaster.

The saddest thing that gets me is that every morning so far, when Jacob gets up he runs to the picture of him and daddy together that is sitting on the back of the piano sadly saying “where daddy”. Then I find something to distract him then he doesn’t mention it again till the next morning. *sniff sniff*. When Ryan is home our mornings usually go like this: the alarm goes around 6:30AM Jacob hears it and we go in and get him and the three of us cuddle in bed together till the last possible moment. The first morning Jacob ran to the bedroom to jump in bed with ‘us’ but of course it was just me and he kept saying “where daddy”. We have been looking at photo albums often of the pictures with Ryan.

Now for my frustrations, well, not really frustrations just a peek into the craziness that we have been experiencing over the long weekend.

1. Every day leading up to the move has been hectic and busy beyond anything we have experienced.
2. We moved in Sat. Worked our tush’s Sunday to get everything clean in our previous and current place.
3. Ryan left. In all the craziness a few of Ryan’s military gadgets were misplaced and he had to leave without them. When he arrived an officer told him he would most likely get yelled at. No surprise there lol.
4. I was worried out of my mind wondering how Ryan was doing for the first couple of days till he called late last night saying everything was great. Thank goodness! I didn’t think I would hear from him in a while and as it was there was a line up for the phone so it was nice to talk even for a few minutes.
5. I’m feeling a little lonely. It isn’t horrible gut wrenching sadness that Ryan is gone yet, just the absence. Hard to get used to after never being apart in our almost 4yrs of marriage.
6. The DAY we moved both Jacob and I got a terrible flu. Puffers, pills, the whole shebang. Even today I am still hacking up a storm and Jacob has been up a few nights coughing and having a sore throat. Thank goodness for Tylenol.

Overall things have been going well despite the busy days. It is my goal that every last box will be unpacked and organized before Ryan gets home. I am looking forward to building some roots, having a regular routine, not having to live out of boxes, having my husband home to enjoy our new house together, and treasuring each day. The Lord has blessed us more than we could have possibly imagined or dreamed of. His goodness never ceases to amaze me. Time and time again our prayers have been answered more than we even asked for. It blows me away.

Also, I wanted to mention that I have been regularly keeping in contact with our foreign exchange students. Some time in the end of August we will be picking them up from the airport. One Luciana from Brazil and the other Anne from Germany. I have really enjoyed both emailing and chatting on MSN with them. They both have looked at the blog and really enjoyed having a peek into our lives and it even sparked interest for Luciana (ie. Lucci) as she decided to create a blog as well to post pictures etc. to her family while she is away. Feel free to have a look at her blog that she recently created here and feel free to say hi to her. I am sure she would really appreciate it. http://lucci-canada.blogspot.com/

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connie said...

Greetings my great blogger friend :) You've been missed while you were away but the absence is most definitely understood.

*LOVE* your workspace~that's awesome!! It looks so neat & professional :)

I'm so glad you're geting settled into your new home! How exciting~especially knowing that THIS home is YOURS :) I'm also glad that Jacob is settling in good as well~that in itself is a blessing. You always worry when your kids routines get disrupted.

That's great that you've been able to stay in contact w/your exchange students :) I know you're all anxiously awaiting for them to arrive!

I'm sorry you've been lonely since Ryan left but it's definitely understandable~when you're married & have been w/your spouse day in & day out for a long period of time, when you have to be apart, it's pure misery. I hope the time passes by quickly for you & of course you have your blogger friends to lean on :) Ryan will be back before you know it :)

Take care my great blogger friend :)

Summer said...

Welcome back Shanilie, Glad everything went good with the move. I really enjoy reading your blog and i missed reading about you and your family.

Sorry that you miss Ryan, he will be back home before you know it.

Ellie said...

Hey welcome back! I kept stopping by to see if there was any news.

I love your workspace, looks nice and neat and orderly and I like the dark color of the wood.

I am sorry you are hormonal. I can feel for you after my last 6 weeks! I feel better now and so I hope yours will pass quickly too.

Jacob is a good distraction for you and that is good, plus you have your house to get all gussied up for when Ryan returns. You have a lot of work to do, but all will be ok in the end. :)

I will have to check out your student friend's site. It should be interesting...especially to you! You get to see who she is and what she is about before you ever meet her.

Blessings and glad you're back!


That Chick Over There said...

Congrats on getting settled in! That's such a great feeling!

Shanilie said...

Connie: Thank you so much! You are so kind. I always enjoy and appreciate every one of your comments. I love my space. It is so central to everything. I can keep my eye on Jacob when I type, I can do laundry at the same time and work in the kitchen. Funny how the computer was one of the first things we unpacked lol. Now all I need is my hubby to be here to enjoy our new place together.

Summer: Yes, I am glad I am back and that you enjoy reading my blog.

Ellie: Thanks for checking in. It is funny because the rest of the house is still coming together...isn't that how it is, gotta have the computer up and running lol. Yes, I am sure you can relate. I hope it doesn't last long. It has gotten much better but being someone who has always moved etc. You would think I would be okay with change. I still don't like it :S. Yes, Jacob is a great distraction. He keeps me going and sure keeps me busy! Thanks Ellie. I appreciate you words of encouragement.

Chick: Thanks Chick. It really is wonderful to be all settled in.

Margo said...

Great to see you back! :-)

Wendy said...

I left a comment last night, but I guess it didn't go through!! Well, what I had to say was that I am glad you are back and all settled in to the new house! Can't wait to see pics:) Isn't it such a nice feeling to be in your own place??

Glad to hear that Ryan is doing great right now! That must make you feel a little better about him being gone! Hopefully it is flying right by for you.

That is so neat that you are already able to contact your exchange students! That will def. make the visit go a little smoother. I will def. go and check out her blog!! Isn't it fun when someone is encouraged to blog because of you? All my friends are not too impressed with the whole blogging world:)

Wendy said...

Lani just saced my last comment so I will finish here now! Maybe that is my hint that I should be playing with her instead of leaving a comment! LOL!! Anyway, so glad you are doing okay! Been thinking about you all a lot! Knowing that there was going to be some changes and crazy times!

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