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Today I have the exciting privilege of posting my ‘rocking girl blogger’ award! I never thought that I would receive this award, and to my surprise I did! Thank you so much to Sylvia who said this:

Shanilie’s blog says "a mother's love." her love rocks well beyond her son and husband to those who blog on her site and to those whose sites she blog’s on. she's been blessed with a new home, and is probably rockin' the house now. rock on shanilie!

So now it is my turn to send this award to 5 blogger girls that I think are rockin'!
1. Connie: Connie was one of my very first blogger friends that I met. She is constantly
saying things in her blog where my jaw hits the floor because I am surprised yet again by one
of our similarities. She has an evident love for her boys ‘including her husband ;)’, her sisters,
parents, and her blogger friends. I can imagine that loyalty is something that means a lot to
her as it does me. I always enjoy her eventful and busy life posts. She has a huge heart
despite difficult circumstances in the past. Not only is she a great blogger friend and a rockin'
girl blogger but from the pictures of family events and cook outs she is a rockin' cook as well.
I would love to come over for one of her meals any day! Check out her blog here.

2. Andrea Yanke: I have recently started to get to know Andrea through the blog world. She has a beautiful son Tate that she loves very much. I always enjoy her posts about her son. Not only does she post about her family, but she also posts about current blog activities, and gets involved with various contests. She also has a willingness to help out when needed. Especially on her post about making your own Mae Tai. She emailed me instructions and hopefully one day I will have one finished by the time I need it. Glad to ‘meet’ you Andrea. You are a great recipient for the rockin' girl award. Check out her blog here.

3. Ellie: Ellie has such a gift for writing. Every time I read her posts I get Goosebumps and wish I was able to write like that. She has such an incredible way of expressing herself so clearly. I have been enjoying going through her journey while reading “A Purpose Driven Life” and am learning along the way as well. She has a love for her 2 teen/young adult children and prays often for God’s clear direction for their future. She is a rockin' mamma and definitely deserves the rockin' girl award. Check out her blog here.

4. Ingrid: I have enjoyed getting to know Ingrid. She always leaves the most encouraging comments and recognizes the importance of family and cherishing each moment as they pass in a moment. Her blog posts are always so fresh and fun and I haven’t ever seen such originality in a blog before. With her interesting posts about world events, beautiful wordless Wednesday posts and coordinating graphics, you won’t be disappointed reading this blog. She really is a rockin' girl and her blog is totally rockin' too! Check out her blog here.

5. Ute: Ute is the first blog that I started reading that was bilingual. I had never seen a blog like this before and I love it! The first half she writes in German then the bottom half of the post the English is written in blue. It looks really great and it definitely rocks! She also has been blessed with beautiful twin girls and even attends a group for mothers with twins. How neat is that?! She has a love for her girls and I always enjoy reading her blog and comments. She is also a hard worker not only in the home but at her new job. It sure takes a rockin girl to be able to handle all of that so well. Way to go Ute! You are a great candidate for the rockin' girl blogger award! Check out her blog here.

On another note, I was over at blogger friend Ute’s blog recently and she did a great post on what she does to protect the environment. At the end of her post she asked everyone to mention what efforts they make to protect the environment. Feel free to check out her post here.

So here it is my list of things that I do to help protect the environment.

-I recycle
-Hang clothes on the line
-Made most of my baby food
-I rarely use the car and try to walk most places
-I use re-useable fabric grocery bags provided from the Superstore and Sobey’s for a very good price instead of getting a ton of plastic bags after grocery day every time.
-I rarely use the dryer
-Pick up garbage along the street
-I try to make most of my household cleaners

Here are a few things you can use for most things that need cleaning:

- an old shirt/paper towel
- club soda
- lemon juice
- baking soda

With these ingredients you can do EVERYTHING around the house…..floors, windows,
counters, sinks, bathroom etc. and so much more. Baking soda is a GREAT deodorizer and the lemon juice makes everything smell great. Who needs all those toxic cleaners that are bad
for your lungs and especially your children’s?!

What do you do to help reduce pollution and make our world a cleaner place?


HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie, what rockin' tributes to your rockin' blogger friends. i already blog with 3 of them, but i'm going to stop by the other two today.

thanx for the info on how we can all pitch in to make our environment healthier and safer. i use the fabric grocery bags also, and i will definitely look into some of your other suggestions.

Denise said...

Congrats Shanile!!!! HUGS

Wendy said...

How sweet:) you said such nice things about these ladies!!

Ellie said...

Hi Shanilie,

Thank you for the nice things you said about my blog. Goosebumps? Really? Very encouraging for me. :) Your blog rocks and I am so glad you got the award, you are well deserving of it.

Ute said...

Hey, congrats for your award, everything is so right what she said about your blog.

And thank you so much to choose mine, I was speechless. So sweet things you said about it. I will post it on my site, I'm really happy.

connie said...

Aww, Shanilie~thanks for this award & for the nice things you said about me :) I'm honored that you awarded me w/this award. I've seen it circulating in "blogland" but seriously didn't think I'd receive it. You made my day & I appreciate you! (((Hugs!)))

P.S. I can totally see why you would get this award. I LOVE your blog & it's the 1st one I visit when I read blogs :) You're very deserving, my great blogger friend :)

Amy York said...

Congrats on your award! I have a small home based business that you might be interested in... - we have great ideas to help you be greener as well as a fun alternative to paper napkins.
Have a great day!

Emma in Canada said...

Vinegar too is a wonder. I recently stayed in a house in Nelson and all the cleaning products were natural.

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