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Now, I don't know if this picture was taken early enough to qualify for a Throwback Thursday, but I just thought I would share it. This picture was taken five Christmas' ago. There are two reason this photo is important to me.

1. Because it was taken with both of my younger sisters. I was 20, Caitlin is the one sitting beside me and is 12 in the picture, and Rachael was 11. You would think that there would be more pictures taken of the three of us together but there aren't that many. We have to do something about that!

2. The second reason is something that I haven't talked about before. This photo is important to me is because it was the first Christmas after 9/11. My dad was posted to the Middle East during August. He wasn't even away a month then I heard what had happened. It really was one of the worst days I have ever experienced. After I learned what had happened I started worrying about what was going to happen since he was already there. As it turned out he was gone till Valentine's Day of the following year. Because he was away over Christmas the military had a get together for all of the families that were without their loved ones over the holidays. It was a bittersweet time. But I enjoyed spending it with my sisters doing crafts, singing, eating and opening gifts.

The thing that still gets me is that my Mom heard about Dad on the radio! Some how there was a leak to the press that he was staying down there before the military had even contacted the families. Anyway, it was a terrible time for a lot of people everywhere and when I think about it I still cry. I had to go back to Prov. after Christmas and there were "anti war" posters all over the school and people bashing the military efforts etc. The whole year was SO difficult. I didn't want to be there and even just doing little tasks like eating lunch or walking to classes I would just start to cry. I was alone. No one knew and no one even cared to ask why.

I even had someone tell me that my Dad was a murder because he was in the military and said:

"I couldn't sleep next to a murder every night."

Can you believe that?! How thoughtless and uneducated. It was like a knife in the heart. I was speachless like I usually am during times of confrontation, my drive was waiting so all I did was leave. To this day I still can't think of anything I could have said.

Yes, war is senseless but the world still has sinful people who are going to try and crash planes into buildings again some day, or other things even worse. The only thing we can do is pray for the government, the peace keepers, members of the military and all the families effected during times of tragedy. I am glad after five years I can finally speak about this difficult time.

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Wendy said...

I don't have a lot of pics with my siblings either! We all hate our picture taken!! How horrible and thoughtless for someone to say that to you about your dad! Geesh!! I am so sorry that you had to be around people like that!

I was 71% addicted! Yikes! I have a problem!

Margo said...

That must have been a horrible time for you.

connie said...

That's a great pic of the sisters! I have 3 younger sisters (that's something else we have in common~I'm the oldest too, like you are) & most times that we get together, we get someone to take our pics together.

That's terrible that you had to go thru those rude comments that those people made to you. Some people just don't realize the sacrifices that people who are in the military make.

Hope you have a great weekend! (((Hugs)))!

Ute said...

Well, did I understand this right, you got this rude statements because your dad is in the military and was send down to the middle east? How absolutely stupid. It must have been a hard time for you and your family, I understand, that this picture is important for you.

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie, i feel your pain about that time even as i'm reading. some people are so insensitive. i'd say to that person, "it's because of people you're calling murderers (which they're not) that you're safe today. they're giving their lives so you can have yours. now put that in your pipe and smoke it." that's exactly what i would have said. the nerve of some people.

on a brighter note, great pic of your and your sisters. our family needs more family photos too. we take plenty of the children and grandchildre, but not too many of me and my siblings.

HeiressChild said...

i'm 78% addicted to blogging. i've never tried to convince anyone they should start a blog, though i have told many people about it, otherwise i'd probably be 100%.

That Chick Over There said...

How hard that must have been. I'm so sorry honey.

Laura Funk said...

HI Shan,
IT's been a little while - hope things are ok and that you and Jacob don't miss Ryan too much - how much is too much? huh. anyway, the person who said they couldn't sleep next to a murderer is obviously not too bright. for one, the evils in this world are not something we can control. war sucks, but sometimes action needs to be taken to control other evils (Bonhoeffer struggled with this kind of reasoning when he finally decided to join the resistance to murder Hitler) As the other person mentioned, our military is sacrificing their lives so we can live comfortably. If these "murderers" weren't doing their jobs, we might not be sleeping - or living - in comfort and freedom, never mind sleeping next to them (ie murderers)

Shana said...

What a nice picture of you and your sis's.

But what a sad story to go along with it. People can be so thoughtless and hurtful. :o(

Ellie said...

Hi Shanilie,

Wow, I hope posting that has allowed you to let go of some of the pain. I find when I write out my thoughts, what the event is/was it really helps me to see things more clearly. Sometimes it is healing. I am glad you were able to write about the experience. Some people are just short of being morons and I mean that in a nice way too!

I am addicted to blogging. 70%! UGH! I might use this on my blog, so thanks for the lead to it.

Hope you have a wonderful week.



Laura said...

Hey Shan,
I don't really have time to write you a note here right now, as one of my friends just came over. I just wanted to say hello, since I was in Denmark for the last two weeks. Glad to read, that everything is allright with you guys. Hope you don't miss Ryan too much! I'm sure the time will pass more quickly than you think it will. Love, Laura

nelda said...

It's good to talk about it and I want to compement you for being so brave. I too pray for our contry but can't support a war. I found your blog off Dianna's and am injoying it much, stole off your nice '100 things about my kid'and had fun with it.
Glad to meet you, Nelda

Dianna said...

Hey Shanille It's been awhile hasn't it? I finally had time to update my blog. Have been slipping I know. I think of you and hope all is good.

Ellie said...

Just dropping in to say Hi. Hope you are well and things are going great with unpacking all those boxes and getting everything in order. :)

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