Weekend re-cap & Good Bye's


This weekend has been a whirl wind! Every day/evening was packed full of all sorts of events and plans. Jacob’s three cousins Emma, Micalea, and Adam spent the night on Friday. I took them over to my Mom’s house to jump on the trampoline for a while. They were ecstatic. I have to admit that I did it for selfish reasons, they had jumped all evening till all three of them ended up laying flat on their backs on the trampoline surface looking like they were about to fall asleep! Yeeha! We got home around nine and we all went straight to bed, and guess what?! I didn’t hear a peep from any of them till almost eight the next morning. Saturday was spent packing and visiting and it was also Ryan’s official birthday.

Now for Sunday. Jacob’s pre-school graduation was first thing in the morning. It went really well! To have a look at his day and at some pictures feel free to head over to his sight. We got home around noon.

Ryan’s birthday party was around lunch. Family and friends came over for a BBQ. All the family pitched in to get him his very first BBQ. I got a card for everyone to sign and those who couldn’t make it, I added them to the group card as well. Ryan was VERY surprised. He first opened the utensils used for barbequing and read the card from everyone that also said inside of it that he has his very own bbq. Then my brother and dad carried the box over to Ryan. He was very happy. I told him if it wasn't exactly what he wanted he could trade it in, but he said he loved it because it was the one I chose. After four years he finally has one. He has talked about it for ages and has even gone over to use my parents' bbq many times in a week. He likes his meat bbq’d people lol.

I am exhausted but all in all it was a fantastic weekend. Come tomorrow we only have 2 more days till we get the keys for the house. In the meantime we will be packing and cleaning so come moving day we will be organized and things will run smoothly. We have moved many times so we are pros now. When I move I like to use it as a time to do major spring cleaning. All of our things get re-washed. Dishes, bedding, clothes etc. All of Jacob’s books and toys were washed with Lysol wipes as well, sent some of his too small clothes to the Salvation Army, bagged up some of Jacob's toys he doesn't play with anymore to give to my brother who is expecting and threw out bags and bags full of junk. I don’t like dirty things going into a new home.

I have some sad news though…….this will be my last post till our internet gets hooked up in our new place early-mid next week. Lol don’t forget me when I am gone. Your thoughts and prayers will be much appreciated during this time. I will try to catch up on others’ blogs as often as I can if I get the chance on family members computers. Anyway, till then. Take care all!
Also, don't forget to check out Jacob's blog about his pre-school graduation!


Margo said...

Wow, lots of changes ahead! God bless and go with you!

connie said...

Happy B-Day Ryan (sorry I'm a little late!)!! That's an awesome grill~I know you'll make MANY nice meals w/that :)

Gosh, I can't believe you get the keys for your new house in 2 days~that's great & it has passed by SO quickly! I know you guys are so excited that it's finally here. Remember to take pics of your new home & post on your blog~if you get a chance ;) I know things are very hectic, to say the least, when you're moving!

I'll miss you til you can return to the blogging world & will be anxiously awaiting your next post to let us all know how things went/are going :)

Take care my blogger friend :) (((Hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Awesome time!!!

Happy Birthday and good luck on your move!!!

Wendy said...

Crazy, but exciting times ahead:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN!! I love grilling! We bought our grill the day after we moved in here! You all are going to have some yummy meals on that! I am glad that you had such a fun and special day with him and the family!

Will miss you over the next couple of days! Will be thinking about you!!

Ute said...

Wow, I'm dizzy just reading about what you have done during just a weekend.
This is such an exciting time for you. I still remember how I felt when we finally moved to our own house. I'm looking foward reading from you again when your are settled.
Answered to you on my blog about the twins club.

HeiressChild said...

it really is a nice grill shanilie. congrats on moving to your new home. what an exciting time for you all. will miss you on the blog, but i know it takes time to get settled in, so take your time. looking forward to pictures.

HeiressChild said...

just stopping by to say hi shanilie. hope all is going well.

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