Jacob's Pre-School Graduation


Jacob's first pre-school graduation was first thing this morning at 9:00AM. We pretty much got out of bed, ate breakfast, got cleaned up, got dressed and left. I was a little nervous about how Jacob would do since this was the first time that he would have seen us in the audience while he was on stage. There were several older children crying to be with their parents, but Jacob was a pro. I seriously think he could have done what the 5/6 year olds were doing (those who are entering kindergarten this fall. I went camera crazy as usual. Things began with Jacob leading the way for all of the children. Jacob walked by us as we were right near the center isle smiled, waved and kept walking till he had to crawl up the stage stairs. While we waited for the concert to start the children were getting arranged behind the curtain. My amazingly cute son decides to go to the center of the stage and peek his head out to the audience from between the curtians. He won the crowd from the geko. He brings a smile to my heart. Ryan and I felt so proud and were saying to ourselves "yup, that's our boy" :) They sang several songs and did the actions to them. They also read a story, recieved their folders and sang some more. Jacob was right along with everyone saying several of the song words and most of the actions. As 0the folders were handed out to each child, the parent then had to come and escort their child off of the stage and sit with them. They had freezies for everyone afterwards. I think the whole thing took about one hour. It was quick and we were home by noon. Thankfully, because Ryan's birthday party was right afterwards. But I will save those pictures and info. for a future post. I have to admit that I was feeling very choked up through most of the concert. People sitting next to me said, "I wonder who is going to fall apart first, the children or the parents." My little baby isn't much of a baby any more. It was a wonderful experience and definitely a moment to remember.

As you walked into the hall entrance, there was a wall mural for all to see straight ahead. On it was a fish with a photo of each pre-school student.



Ellie said...

Hi Shanilie,

What a big man he is becoming and I like how you and Ryan kept telling each other, "Yup, that's our son." lol

It looks like you all had a lot of fun and need I remind you these kinds of things will not end until he is out of high school...that is a long time to go. This was the first year that we have been "free" from school activities and I don't miss it one bit. I know you are likely looking forward to school plays and such, but we have put two thru school and we were getting burned out at the end.

Hope you are having a good week and the packing is going well!

Margo said...

You must be oh so proud of your little man!

Shanilie said...

Ellie: He really is such a big boy and learns so much so fast. God’s creations still amaze me every day. I can imagine that you went to your share of school events over the years. This will be a huge worry off of your plate. Schooling can be such a huge stress especially for those who have difficulties. Thanks Ellie. I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.

Margo: My little mini man. Who knew a mothers love till they experience first hand. Us and our cute boys :)

connie said...

Aww, he looks SO grown up~I don't know if it's because it's been awhile since you've posted pics of him or what, but he just looks like he's grown ALOT to me ;)

That's so cute that he opened up the curtain & peeked out, LOL! At least you know he's not going to be shy ;)

Love the collage @ the end~so precious!!!! Tell Jacob "Blogger Aunt" Connie is VERY proud of him ;)

Wendy said...

Super sweet! They worked hard to make that program special for the parents:) He is not going to be a shy one!! I love these kind of Mommy moments!! Each year it gets harder to choke back the tears!!

laura said...

hey....sounds like you had a great time. i can't believe how much jacob has grown since i last saw him! i can picture him peeking throug the curtain the little cutie :-)
love, laura

Brandi said...

Aww what a big boy already!! I havn't touched base with you in a while and just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. Love ya!

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