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Ryan’s first day at the reserves is tonight. It should be interesting. We went over to Mom’s last night for a visit and Ryan brought over his uniform. My 2 sisters, brother and dad all know the in’s and out’s of how to wear a uniform and when they issued out everything to Ryan they didn’t show him how to do everything. It was great help. My sister Caitlin showed him how to wear his belt, how to tie and polish his boots, how to button everything and how to fold the cuffs for summer wear and a whole lot more. We both really appreciated her help.

While they were doing all that, I was playing out in the back yard with Jacob. This is his favorite thing at Grammie’s. That’s why there are so many swing pictures lol. He has perfected a few things. He now can climb up the back of the swing set like a ladder instead of climbing up the slide and he can hold himself up longer and actually swing himself with his legs up on the rings. Building up some muscles :) He is always showing off his arm muscles off by reaching up in the air with fists clenched.

"Can you find Jacob?"

I love spring. It is such a beautiful time of year around here. There are hundreds of apple trees everywhere. We get most of our Macintosh apples from tree around here. They are my favorite. They are not too soft and not too hard and not too sweet. I like a tarter apple. But before all the apples comes the blossoms. When you walk outside the smell just hits you and it is a WONDERFUL smell. Ryan suggested getting some family pictures done some time this summer so we are hoping to get those done at the beach. There is a photographer near by who does it from her home with GREAT prices plus, we get to keep all the proofs as part of the cost for the sitting fee. I have always wanted to do this. I hope to post those this summer too, though with Ryan gone all July, I am sure we won’t get it done till August.

Ryan, for the first time in 12+ years has shaved off his long side burns. He also shaved off his beard. When I met him he didn't have a beard, got a goatee, full beard, and now nothing. I LOVE his clean shaven face. I forgot how soft it was. And now that his side burns are gone I can't get over how amazing he looks. I keep kissing his cheeks because I can see them now! He has nice cheeks. I liked them before but love it so much more now. All my family members as soon as they saw him went "Wow! I told you he would look smashing!" lol. After he did it, and even now I say to him that I barely recognize him. He looks like a completely different person.

On a side note, I haven't been commenting on peoples comments for a while so I am hoping to be able to start doing that a little more. It is fun hearing feedback.


Wendy said...

WOW! Ryan looks so different! When I first saw the picture of him I thought it was someone else until I read your post! Looks handsome in his uniform!! (hope you don't mind me saying that! LOL)

We have an apple tree that grows yellow delicious! I don't eat them, but I use them for pies and applesauces! YUMMERS!! When we first moved in, there was no apples for years! Last year we got a good batch!

That is sooo cute that Jacob flexes his muscles! I remember Wesley doing that! BTW, I found a Thomas Valance in the back of Wesley's closet. Let me know if you are interested!

Summer said...

I agree with Wendy. When I saw Ryan in the pictures. I was like "Who is that?" He looks great.

Great pictures! So cute that Jacob flexes is muscles. He is getting to be such a big boy.

Anonymous said...

Ryan looks great.
Wish him luck from me...And good luck to you too...You are a generous woman to share your husband with the reserves...


connie said...

Wow, I had to do a double take when I first looked @ the pics & then read your post, lol! Ryan looks great in the uniform & SO different w/out his sideburns & beard! It's a nice change though :) Did Jacob act any differently when he 1st saw him after it was all shaved off? The pics of Jacob are so cute & that's too funny that he flexes his muscles! He's going to be a strong boy!!!! Love the pic of the apple tree~before we built our house, we lived in the house where Bobby grew up & there was an apple & pear tree there & the blooms were SO pretty & the fruit was good too (although I'm not a fan of pears!). Wish Ryan good luck from us~we know all too well what it's like to "share" a loved one w/the military~one of Bobby's nephews is a Marine & has to go back to Iraq in August :( You can't stop anyone that wants to give of themselves for their country~people in the military are definitely dedicated individuals :)

Shanilie said...

Wendy: Not a problem at all. Men in uniform, nice! Yes, the trees are great for pies etc. Thanks for the offer on the Thomas valence...DARN if only I had of known before. I bought a Thomas pillow case and mom sewed it into a valence for me. Thanks sooo much for the thoughtful offer though. Can't wait till we move, I want to paint his room the two Thomas blues.

Summer: Thanks lol I know. He looks soo different!

Janet: I sure will. I don't know if i'm that generous, mostly just poor lol. I don't like sharing my man at all :S This will be difficult but hopefully good in the long run.

Connie: Thanks Connie. He does look great and I am so glad for the change. Jacob just grinned and kept staring at him. Ryan got Jacob to kiss his cheek to feel the difference. So cute. Other than that he wasn't too interested. lol Aren't the blooms beautiful. Thankfully the place we are moving to has 2 apple trees in the back yard too. I will pass along the well wishes, I know Ryan will really appreciate them.

Dianna said...

Yes your hubby looks nice. But compared to mine.. NOT A CHANCE!! Sorry I'm all MY -HUBBY-LOOKS- THE BESTEST [lol] kind of girl.
We have an apple orchard on our land. Also grapes and strawberries. and raspberries. My fav. would be the strawberries. Can never get enough of them. They only last for 3 years.
Will think of you during the month of July. Hope it goes by quicker for you then you think right now we'll all have to step in and encourage you and stand by you while he is gone. Your little guy will miss him I'm sure.

Andrea said...

Yeah...Ryan totally looks different, but really good too!! He looks like a pro in his uniform already! hehe ;) And that's so cute that Jacob likes to show off his muscles!!

Ingrid said...

hey!!! i love your photos in this post!! looks like jacob's having the time of his life in the yard, oh my, that is a huge back yard!!! how luck could you be?? can you camp out in that yard? are there any bears there?

Drea said...

I like him clean shaven ;-) and im a fan of facial hair! he looks very clean cut w/ this look.

Jacobs growing really fast. He looks bigger in just a month!

HeiressChild said...

beautiful pics shanilie. i like the clean-shaven look also.

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