Friday's Feast


Update: I finally updated Jacob's blog. "Pre-School Graduation" Go take a look!!
Name three emotions you felt this week.
THANKFUL - for my amazing husband and son, EAGER to move into our first home, FRUSTRATED by people who don't listen to advice from loving family and friends and end up ruining their lives.

(Fill in the blank) One day I hope to see _________?
The safari. I would love to see the different animals in the world that I haven't ever seen in person. I would even be thrilled to go to the drive through one in Ontario.
Describe your typical morning:
-Alarm goes off at 6:30AM and we all get up.
-Shower/get dressed/brush teeth
-Have breakfast
-Jacob watches a few morning cartoons
-Mommy checks the blog ;)
-I try to go for a morning walk too

Main Course:
When do you think you changed the most?
I think I changed the most when I moved out on my own and was living in MB. I met Ryan then I found out for the first time in my life how important my family was to me. I was always searching for a place bigger and better than NS and after moving countless times in my life realized that there is no perfect place. Every place has terrible people, every place has its up's and down. Humanity just needs to learn to live and share life respectfully.

What are your plans for the weekend?
Friday evening: Jacob's cousins Emma, Micalea, and Adam are spending the night. I am sure they will be up ALL night. :S
Saturday: We are packing more, mowing the cemetary and Jacob is visiting his friend/neighbor MacKenzie. Ryan's 26th birthday.
Sunday morning: 9:30AM is Jacob's pre-school concert. Actually, it is his first concert ever. After that we are heading to the water park in the city for Ryan's birthday party. Everyone (35+people) is bringing some sort of food and we will have a pot luck feast at the park while all the cousins go play in the sprinklers or on the playground.
I first heard about the Friday's Feast idea from Ingrid. Each one of her posts are so thought provoking and I always enjoy my visits to her blog. Thank you Ingrid for your idea! She is a loving mom and wife who trys to enjoy life to the fullest. Time is fleeting. If you would like to check out her blog click here. I am sure she would love to hear from you. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Ours will be pretty busy so I hope to post again early next week. Take Care.
Update: I finally updated Jacob's blog. "Pre-School Graduation" Go take a look!!


laura said...

hey shan,
your plans for the weekend sound real good. say hello to emma and the rest tonight ;-)
i'm heading to denmark tomorrow, so i won't comment on your posts for the next two weeks. hope the moving doesn't stress you too much.
luv ya

Margo said...

wouldn't a safari just be so much fun!? I'd love to go on one some day.

connie said...

This is a neat post Shanilie :) I enjoyed it :) Hope you have a great weekend, my good blogger friend, & from the sounds of it, you're going to :)

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie,

i like to do this. ingrid does one, but it's a little different. here's my answers:

appetizer: THANKFULNESS for God's faithfulness in working out a situation; SLEEPY because i had to get up early every day this week; UNDECISIVE because i'm still trying to make up my mind about doing this one particular thing, and there are so many things to consider

soup: one day i hope to see PARIS

salad: if i don't have any appointments, i sleep until i'm ready to get up. if i have appointments, then my alarm is set to go off at the appointed time, and i get up, brush my teeth, shower, get dressed, and leave.

main course: when i gave my life to Jesus because my whole attitude changed (for the better)

dessert: FRIDAY EVENING - wash clothes at my sister's house; SATURDAY - go with my neighbor to the hospital while her mother has surgery; SUNDAY - still open, depending on how saturday goes

have a great weekend shanilie!!!

Andrea said...

Cool idea...the Friday Feast!! I was thinking, if you want, I could email you the sites and kind of explain how we made the Mei Tai since we sorta made up our own thing a bit...just email me so I have your email and I'll send it to you! :) My email is

HeiressChild said...

ok shanilie, in answer to your question on my blogpost "what are you wearing;" it wasn't easy forgiving the neighbor. the incident has been on-going since january of this year, and i've been praying so hard for forgiveness and to take away my hurt and pain at having my name slandered.

God would remind me of His Word that says not to recompense evil for evil, and vengence is His, and He will repay. i knew at the appointed time, we'd meet face-to-face and i would be able to honestly talk to her about what she had done.

actually, we saw each other in may, but i wasn't quite there yet, so i spoke to her, kind of coldly, to be honest with you, and moved on.

yesterday was different, and the fact that i could hug her and reply back to her "i love you" with the same showed me God's healing in my life, and how His love covers all. i had to do a lot of praying for myself though.

i hope this helps you out. it takes God to forgive, and i have to pray and pray sometimes to allow His love to move thru me. it's no easy task, i do admit, but God is faithful to do just what He says.

Shanilie said...

Laura:I will say hi to everyone :) Enjoy your trip to Denmark. I wish I could travel more like you. Nope no stress here. I actually enjoy moves and this will be the easiest one yet because it is only 2 minutes away!

Margo: For sure. I love seeing all different types of animals.

Connie: Thanks Connie. Yes, this was a very busy weekend.

Sylvia: Thanks for sharing :) I like your main course “now why didn’t I put that” Hope you had a good weekend and visit at your sisters.

Andrea: Thank you so much Andrea, that sounds like a wonderful idea. I will email you right away. I am so excited about this project. Thank you for sharing. Yours really did turn out so nice!

Chick: First time for me. You’ll def. have to try one some time.

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