Thursday Thirteen & Spanking


I saw this blog idea called the "Thursday Thirteen" on blogger friend Drea’s website. I thought I'd list my Thursday Thirteen.

Thirteen things I've done since I got married

1. Started school at University of Manitoba
2. Had my first full-term teaching position teaching up until I had Jacob then being able to claim full Maternity benefits! BUSY, VERY TIRING YEAR! But I wouldn’t change it for anything.
3. Met some of the most wonderful people I have ever known
4. Got pregnant Aug. 2004
5. Youth group leader
6. Moved from MB across country to NS, moved, moved and moved a 4th time lol
7. Experienced the miracle of birth on April 21, 2005 with my beautiful boy Jacob
8. Worked with disabled (mentally and physically) people at a residential home. It was an amazing experience.
9. Got my first aid/CPR course from the Red Cross
10. Started playing the piano at our home church
11. Learned how to knit…… and blog ;)
12. Looking to buy our first house
13. Got to see my son grow up so fast (....well, he's only 2 but got there VERY fast), while hoping God will bless us and Jacob with a baby brother or sister some day. Still praying!

"Canadian Laws Regarding Spanking"

In many countries spanking is already illigal.....(for example, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Israel, Latvia,Estonia, and as of January 2007, Greece). And, believe it or not, the rate of family violence in those countries has gone down.

Feel free to take a look at Jacob's page and my scrapbook pages as they have been recently updated within the last couple of days. :)


Wendy said...

Spanking...I have never spanked Wesley! I was spanked severly with a wooden spoon as a child and always said that I would NEVER hit my kids. I guess the Preschool teacher in me comes out when I say that I believe in positive discipline! As Wesley got older he is punished more severly but the punishment always fits the crime:)He can be really obnoxious sometimes, but he is a well behaved boy!

Anonymous said...

I'll continue spaking with a spoon no matter what the law says.

Stacey said...

Funny how annonymous wouldn't post a name... God tells us to respect and obey the laws of the land we live in, unless it clearly goes against what He says in the Bible. I guess I have to agree with the new laws. It makes sense, and doesn't infring on anyone's rights.

Ute said...

A lot of discussion is going on in the blogging world about spanking. Besides it is illegal in Germany I never ever spanked my kids and I hope that I will never do it.
I love your post about it and hope that the lists of countries you mentioned is going to be longer in the future.

Summer said...

I would never hit my child with a spoon. When I was going up my mom would spank me and my sister with a paint stick. One time we hid it from her. I never spank my kids

Summer said...

OOPS!! Type error. I meant to say "growning up"

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm glad my parents spanked me. I had a bit of a rebellious streak in me and sometimes I would think, "I really want to sass my parents, but if I do I'll get spanked. Argh!" So I think that it's reasonable to spank as long as you don't do it when you're really mad. Has anyone read what the Bible has to say about corporal punishment?
Emily W

Shanilie said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. A lot of good points were made. I enjoy hearing what everyones' stance is regarding spanking as I know every parrent has different ways of dealing with different things. I agree with Ute, I am sure the list of countries will grow as time goes on. In the mean time we can research what the bible says "There is only one verse I can think of" and I know many people have mis-intepreted this and have taken it too far over the years. The one thing I know for certian and God speaks of love and disciplining out of love is the only way.

Margo said...

before I had Stephen I coached Special Olympics. Neat type of work experience.

Anonymous said...

Well, I have to say, the Canadian guidelines for corporal punishment sound really reasonable to me. As I was reading them, I was thinking, it almost sounds like they were using the Bible as a gage when they wrote this. Amazing! I guess common sense still does come through sometimes.

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