This Game Is Addictive!


I was recently looking through the site "" and thinking of updating my slide show.....but then I got distracted by a few new things their site has to offer. They have games now. I was thinking of putting one on my blog but the dimensions were 480 x 500 which is wayyy too big to put in my sidebar section. They now have games, shout outs, voice mail, videos, and horoscopes. If anyone is looking for interesting things to put on their blog, you should check this site out. Here is one of the games that I came is very addictive. What you do is click on groups of colors where there are three or more. The bigger the group the better.

*Also, check out my scrapbook pages. Every Monday I will be posting a different scrapbooking page layout for inspriation and ideas instead of having a profile picture. Please feel free to email me any ideas you may have! I would love to see them. Enjoy.


Wendy said...

Hi there! Your layout is not working on your scrapbook page.

Ingrid said...

hey there!!! it's amazing how you can make those pretty scrapbook!! just to find to do that is already an obstacle for me. someday, when jacob grows a little older, he'll appreciate all the memories you piled up for him. that's the one thing i am most amazed with my mom, she kept all my childhood memories, though not in a scrapbook kind of way but she had her own unique way of making an album.

you are a great MOM!!! you deserve a big day on Mother's Day!!! hope you'll have a blast!

Shanilie said...

Wendy: Thanks for letting me know....I will look into it and email you as well :)

Ingrid: I know what you mean. Finding the time to do as much as I would like is almost impossible. Since Jacob was born I haven't been able to scrapbook at all. Thanks so much Ingrid, you are very encouraging, though I have decided on getting my hair done for mothers day. It costs sooo much.

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