Things Are Looking Up!!!!


Update to post:

I just wanted to add that when I got home from Weight Watchers today (I lost 3.2lbs!) that there was a message on the phone left from the doctor’s office. They said that all of Ryan’s tests and x-rays all were perfectly normal!!! Me and my family were sooooo worried! Blood in the urine is never a good thing to hear. It must have been a contaminated sample. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband and I am so thankful that everything is OKAY. The doctor faxed off the information to the military and now everything is ago! The military wanted Ryan to have a complete physical and extra look at a couple of things but now that everything is normal, it will alleviate the military’s minds as it already has ours. My Mom and Dad offered to help with the lawyer fees for the house no questions asked. They have helped us out so much over the years. My family has just been so encouraging of us and has helped us in so many ways. I couldn’t ask for anything more. My family loves Ryan just as much as I do….well, maybe not exactly. Lol. That means the world to me.

Well, it looks like everything is ago!! I don’t want to get too excited at this point just in case something falls through. We made an offer on Monday and the owners counter-offered with a price that was near our asking price so we were thrilled about that and we are hopefully getting everything taken care of today! The move-in date wouldn’t be till July 1st so we will be in the house we are currently in for 2 more months. I am hoping for no hitches in this. If all goes as planned, these are a list of the things that would set us up to go in a positive direction for the future:

1. We would have equity
2. We could consolidate our debts
3. Our monthly housing costs wouldn’t be thrown away in rent
4. Meaning, our money would be put towards something
5. We could get an exchange student
6. We could save money every month
7. Be debt free by the time we are thirty (besides the mortgage)
8. Pay off our parents for the help they gave us for a down payment etc.
9. Our house would go up in value over the years, especially if we put a little work into it renovating.
10. If we ever did sell our home we could sell it for way more than we bought it for which would really set us up for the future.

These points all tie into one and other but we would be making such a positive step for the future. Since I met Ryan we have dealt with:

1. Moving 6+ times - all which cost money, one move which was across country and they over charged us by almost $1000
2. Paid for a storage locker to hold our things
3. Ryan was still in school and going to the most expensive university in Canada
4. We unexpectedly got pregnant for Jacob
5. Our car Ryan bought when I met him died
6. We had to get a loan to buy another car then that one died after putting $ into it
7. We had to buy a third car in a matter of 3 months
8. Ryan couldn’t find a job for the first year after he moved. (difficult finding a job that can work around university school hours)
9. I was supporting him on my minimal teaching salary while fully pregnant working full-time putting him through school, then living on just maternity benefits for the year after.
10. Ryan’s plans on a full-term teaching position didn’t happen for this year so he had to sub which means no pay for in-services, weekends, snow days, holidays, Christmas and summers all the while working a second job for several evenings a week and EVERY weekend. Ryan is the hardest working person I know and he has done so much for our family. I am proud of his accomplishments and I just wish some people in the family could see how much he has had to deal with and how well he has managed money throughout our marriage.

To this point we have had barley enough money to make ends meet, to have something other than rags on our back and food to eat. So, I can say with 100% certainty that Ryan and I have done extremely well dealing with our finances with everything considered. I don’t know many people who have lived on such a small amount and dealing with the obstacles we have, without going bankrupt or getting help from family or friends. Hopefully, God willingly all this will start looking up very SOON! I want Jacob to know that we will help him financially without question whenever he gets to that point. I don’t want him to have to struggle as much as we have these past +/-4 years of being married. I am here for him no matter what.


That Chick Over There said...

Buying a house is awesome! Congrats!

Margo said...

Sounds like you have wonderfully supportive parents. That's great! And I'm so glad things are looking up!

Wendy said...

That is so awesome for you and Ryan! I cen't wait to see pictures. You should be very proud of yourself with how well you handled your financial situation. It is great to move into a house debt free because you can concentrate on fixing up the house! :o)

Summer said...

That is so great!! COngrats

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you!!!! Looks like this is great news...

Connie said...

This is awesome news! I will keep my fingers crossed & say prayers :) In my opinion, you & Ryan have done exceptionally well & God is going to bless you by making this happen & you'll be able to "breathe" financially :) Keep the faith my great blogger friend :) Hope you, Ryan, & Jacob have a wonderful weekend :)

Wendy said...

OMW!! You are just full of wonderful news today! So glad that Ryan is okay! I think I took 2 of those pouinds from you!! LOL!! Thanks so much! Oh, and go see who the winners are on my giveaway:o) Something else to add to your *GrEaT* day!!!

laura said...

hey....souns like eveything is just going wonderful over there! good to hear :-)

Drea said...

::yippie!:: thats great news.

Anonymous said...

Hey, good for you on the pounds lost! I am sure you are on cloud nine at the moment! AND Ryan is ok! Praise God. I am so happy for you.

Hmmm, you are in the hard years of your marriage. I think the first five-ten years are so difficult, especially if you married at a younger age and didn't have money saved up. Your story sounds similar as what Neil and my story was...not the same, but the struggles were the same. It seemed we made a step forward and two steps backward. So many adjustments to make, but after the kids got a little older it seemed like our finances also came in order. I look back now to those days when we had to count every item we bought at the store, to be sure we had money for them. We did "without" for so long. In the past few years we go shopping and don't even think about the bill, times have changed....well, if you read my latest post, you do know we feel like we are back in that time again....:) It is doing us no harm to count the dollars again. You and Ryan are an inspiration to many young married couples out there. Maybe you could write a little how to book one day on the lessons you learned as you went through this process, and you are still married to each other and love is still there and all! You are probably not the normal couple anymore. Great post.

Summer said...

That's great that you lost weight. I am working on that do. I am doing the excerise ball and bands and also am following a meal plan. That's great(again) that Ryan is healthy and that your family is willing to help you guys out.

Dianna said...

Hey congratulations on the weight loss and the house. Keep us update don how everything keeps going for you. Great posts. Looking forward to viewing them always,

Andrea said...

Yay! I'm very happy and excited for how things are working out for you...and what a relief about Ryan's tests!! I would've been SO worried, but I'm glad things turned out A-OK! :)

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