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I was recently visiting Janet from *Aka – Wonder Mom* and she did a meme about what would happen if she didn’t blog, and tagged anyone who was interested. I thought it looked fun so I decided to give it a try. Her answers were great! I don't know if I can say it as well as she has but feel free to have a look at her answers.

What you do is say 10 things that would happen or what you would do if you didn’t blog, then tag 5 people at the end of the post. Be sure to send a message telling those you’ve tagged that they’ve been tagged.

“What would happen if I don't blog"....

1. I would never remember special events in Jacob life with specific dates and times attached. The blog makes for a GREAT record book.
2. I would probably be making lists on how to make life more efficient lol. I am always making long color coded lists ;)
3. I would probably be organizing the condiments in my fridge by size and color. Really, I am obsessed with cleaning and organizing lol!
4. I may become addicted to Facebook. Let’s hope that day won’t come.
5. Perhaps I would scrapbook more.
6. I would be writing more letters by hand…..but that takes too long.
7. I wouldn't have these memories all typed up and ready to read.
8. My house may be cleaner….though, I would probably find something else to take my time away from that. I keep my house clean usually…but my bedroom can look like a hurricane went off. It is the place where I just drop my clothes and go. But lately, I have been working on that and can’t leave my bedroom without making my bed first…..that is new.
9. Perhaps watch more soaps or too much TV in general.
10. I would have never met some really cool blogger friends that I have come to look forward to hearing from each day.

I will go ahead and tag Connie, Wendy, Summer, Dianna, and Ingrid or anyone else who is interested. Have fun. This meme really made me think.


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Love it....I'm so glad you did this!!!

Connie said...

This was a great post Shanilie :) I'm interested in the tag but will have to do it later today~I'm off now to take Justin to the dr. :( I think he's got strep. I will do this meme though ;)

Margo said...

If I didn't blog my house would be a lot cleaner!

Dianna said...

Finished my 10 reasons for you check it out!

That Chick Over There said...

If I didn't blog I would be...depressed! :)

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