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I finally got a chance to update my scrapbook page! Feel free to take a look :)

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I don't have a lot to post about right now, but (this was all last minute as the realtor called today and said he was free tonight!) I just wanted to say that Ryan and I are meeting with the realtor tonight and making an offer on a house! This may go back and forth for a while if the current owners don't like the offer.....but I am really hoping that we can end up with a price that is near the offer we are hoping to make. Most move-in dates are not for several months afterwards, and because there is a family currently living in the home we will be lucky if we can get in by September.....so that way we don't have to break a lease and end up paying rent AND a mortgage payment at the same time. Keep us in your prayers so that this process can be as painless and as stress-free as possible. It is a small starter home a few minutes from my parents, grandparents and several cousins & aunts and uncles. It has three bedrooms, large bathroom, living room, kitchen and an office area. The foundation is new and it has a large tree in the front that is absolutely beautiful. I would love to hang a swing off of it for Jacob. In the back yard there is a shed which would be great for the lawn mower and other outdoor camping supplies etc. We want to renovate ASAP if we can get the place. We want a larger living room window as well as a deck on the front of the house and all new flooring. I will post more about this in the weeks ahead.
The video above is of Jacob enjoying his baby swing for the first time that he got for his first birthday last year. (My voice sounds silly). I don't understand why the video is half the size of the drop shots screen. This is the second time it has happened. Anyone know why this would happen?
P.S. I also updated Jacob's site today.


Dianna said...

I sure hope you'll get the house. Pls keep us posted!
Watched the video. Jacob is a cutie!!

Wendy said...

very exciting! I hope that all goes smoothly for you! I will look forward to any updates:0) Good luck with everything! Will be thinking about you.

I wish I could help you on the video! I don't know much about this stuff! If something doesn't work the way it is supposed to then I am lost!

Ellie said...

Oh, you are already serious about a house! That didn't take very long, did it? I hope you get it and I will pray that it will be as stress free trasition. Sounds like you are already thinking about making it into "your" home, ideas of renovations, etc. Good for you. The tree sounds lovely and fun for Jacob.

BTW, Jacob looks and sounds like he is just thrilled with is swing. Many more happy moments are to come on that swing!

Summer said...

I hope everything goes good with the offer on the house today. Good Luck!!!

Ute said...

My thumbs are crossed for you! I really hope you get the house sounds good to me and you have a little place by your own. Jacob really is a cutie. The girls love to have a swing themselves and go into her daddy everyday. Today he promised to buy one....

I'm going to check out Jacobs site as soon as I find the time.

laura said...

I really hope you guys get the house. Sounds like a real nice place!
Jacob is as cute as always in the video ;-)
Hope everything is alright over there!

Connie said...

Good luck w/the offer~I will keep my fingers crossed & keep you guys in my prayers that everything works out :) That is such a cute video~Jacob's such a sweetie & looks like he's thoroughly enjoying his new swing :) And, your voive doesn't sound silly :)

On another note, I received your email w/the interview ?'s & I PROMISE you I'll get to those as soon as I can~it may not be until Sunday though~this is a very busy week for me. I took Kendall to the dr. Monday & he's got strep!! I don't know if that's what I have or not but I feel terrible too. Then, yesterday was Justin's surgery (it went well). Now, I've got to spend the rest of the week getting the house ready for Kendall's party on Sat. I hope it's ok if I wait til Sunday to do the interview ?'s. I'm doing laundry today & getting it caught up & then spending Thurs. & Fri. doing cleaning & such. I've also got to go on Fri. & get food for the party & order the cake. I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the email w/the ?'s & I haven't forgotten about it~I WILL get to it but it'll be Sunday, like I said, before I can :) Hope that's ok :)

Hope you & your family are all doing ok :) Take care & have a good rest of the week, my great blogger friend :)

Shanilie said...

Dianna: Thanks. I will keep you posted ;)

Wendy: Thank you for the offer with the video :)) I am still at a loss but I guess it is alright the way it is.

Ellie: Yes, I haven't been very consistent in updating about it. We actually viewd this house once before several months ago but then forgot about it. We had so many other options going on at the time so we have just been praying about it and really didn't come to any concrete decision till a couple of days ago lol.

Ute: Definitely! The girls need a swing....make sure you get 2 lol Jacob's cousins always want to swing at the same time and sometimes don't like to take turns.

Laura: Thanks so much. Wish I could show it to you. Hope all is well over there.

Connie: Thank you for your prayers. They are alwyas appreciated. lol you didn't think my vioce sounded silly :)) That isn't how I usually talk lol. I guess you could say it is my baby voice.

Glad you got the interview questions. No prob. Do them any time. Sunday is fine. I can imagine this was a busy week for you. Wow, you and Kendall both sick and him with strep. It just feels like we all just had that. :S I hope it won't make its rounds over here again. I am glad Justin's surgery went well. I hope it will help him in the future. Get this all behind you. Everything is just sooo busy. the birthday plans are sounding sooo fun! Enjoy getting everything ready.

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