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We finished signing all the papers for the house last night at 6:00PM! It literally only took a few minutes….he was in, we signed, then he left. The whole process has been surprisingly easy. Three meetings, one to view the house, one to make an offer and one to sign the counter offer. Monday or Tuesday we are going to head into the bank and confirm financing. We were pre-approved for a certain amount so it will just be a matter of signing a few papers at the bank. WooHoo!! I still think I am holding back my excitement until we get the keys and the financing goes through. In the meantime we will anticipate.

Just a quick meme. Summer tagged me from “Sunny Kids”. I think I did a similar one in the past so, to some this may be something you have already read before. What you do is say seven things about yourself (facts/habits/interesting info. etc).

1. I have double jointed thumbs
2. I have a birth mark between my “chest area”
3. I love food
4. I either laugh or cry when I am upset
5. I love long hair (my hair is to my waist)
6. I feel lonely without the view of the ocean
7. I almost always wear heals. Even my every day shoes have at least a 2 inch heel
I'll tag anyone who is interested as I know many of you have already done this meme.


That Chick Over There said...

I am excited for you about the house!

My hair is long too, but not quite that long! Wow!

Amber said...

I haven't been by here in a while....congrats on the house!! I'm sure you are excited!

Summer said...

That is so exciting. COngrats on the house.

Wendy said...

That is so great to hear that everything is moving right along with the house. I am soooo excited for you.

WOW! To your ankles? My hair is way to thin for that. I can barely stand it when it gets to my shoulders:) It gets all stringy.

Hope you had a great weekend:o)

Connie said...

Congratulations! I'm SO excited for you guys!!!! God is really blessing you :) You'll have to take a pic of the house & post it so we can see :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

laura said...

Thats awesome with the house!!!

Shanilie said...

Thanks everyone. I will definitely take pictures soon. I still can't believe this is happening. I appreciate all your well wishes. I will keep you posted every step of the way ;)Praise the Lord for His amazingness. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

Soon you are homeowners! Good for you. Will you have a view of the ocean? I noticed you said in your meme that are lonely when you can't see the ocean.

I may do this will see it on my blog soon if I decide to do it. :)

Congrats on the house..God is so good!

Dianna said...

WOW!! Congratulations!! Am happy for you. Hope everything goes along smoothly from now on. I haven't updated my blog in the last couple days I've been soo busy with sewing I will get down to it one of these days keep checking in on me.. Appreciate your comments. Dianna

Ingrid said...

wow! a new house!!! my dad used to tell me that "we all deserve what we get in life", so you deserve that new house you are about to move in. i hope you can post pictures as soon as you guys have settled down. when's your move-in date? ha ha!! do you believe in feng shui? my friend's moving in to their custom-made house too, but she's so into this feng shui thing, that they've moved their move-in date lots of times, much to her husband's and her kids' dismay! :))

your meme was fun!!! OMG, #3, 4, 5 (but i cut it & donated my lock to the cancer society), 6 (i grew up in the island, the ocean is the 1st sight i see every morning, and 7 ( i feel so short when i wear flats) :)) i do all that!!!! weird or what!!! i didn't realize we have lots in common!!!

Good Luck again in your new home!!!

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