Yesterday I got Jacob up from his noon nap. I could hear him playing in his room. I usually keep my eye on the clock because he usually has a two hour nap. Anything longer and I am starting to worry and I peek in on him. Lately he hasn’t been asking for me to come and get him. He would just play in his room all day if I let him. I think he is enjoying his Thomas room a little too much. I went in and this is how our conversation went.

Me: “Hi there!”

Jacob: “Moning.”
Me: “Good morning to you too. Did you have a good sleep?”
Jacob: (nods his head) and says: “I’m poopie.”
Me: “Did you poop in your diaper?”
Jacob: " Yes." Then he lays on his back to get changed

I am just amazed at his constant increase in learning. Learning new words, new conversations, new tricks. More than ever I am amazed that he can tell me in his own words that he is poopie. I can usually tell, but this time it was right away as soon as I entered his room. He knows a lot of words.....but now he is having conversations with me!


Wendy said...

ooohhh! Better get potty training Mommy:0) Cutie!

Shanilie said...

lol I know! I'm terrible. I have been talking about it and preparing for it since he was 18 he is 2 already and I haven't tried once. I have no excuses left...I just need to do it lol!

Summer said...

That is a sure sign that you can hopefully start potty-training Jacob. When they know what they do and don't like to dirty or wet it might be a good time to potty-train.

Shanilie said...

Yes, he has been showing so many signs of being ready. I really want to get on that.

heiresschild said...

my granddaughter is 2 now, but she started potty training a few months ago. she will say "potty" when she has to go. she even likes to read a book while using it. *lol*

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