You're Invited To A Scrapbooking Party & "Shan Needs"


Update to post: I also updated Jacob's blog today. Feel free to take a look.

I saw Amber do this on her blog, so I decided to try it out and have some fun. First, go to Google, Type in your name, followed by the word "needs" and post 10 things that come up. ( I put Shan because Shanilie didn’t come up with much)
Here are my top 10 "needs" according to Google:

Shan needs a soap opera
I don’t know what that means, but my life sometimes feels like a soap, and I already watch B&B and Days of Our Lives from time to time.

Shan needs a good food plan for the kids
I’m still trying to be a healthy person. I am the one who cooks around here so I guess it is mainly my responsibility what food goes into my family.

Shan needs to go on a diet too
I don’t know about diets, lol but I am trying to be healthier ;)

Shan needs to figure out a trick
I’m willing to try out new things and learn new things.

Shan needs a nap
Always want to but never seem to do it.

Shan needs a vacation
100% true…some day

Shan needs some balls
I don’t know if I would phrase it that way but I guess that is true too. I am mostly an easy going, happy person who does not enjoy confrontation.

Shan needs prayers
Though I may not always ask, I think you can’t do too many

Shan needs a temporary husband
Lol definitely not. My man is the most amazing person I have ever met and we will be together “till death do us part”

Shan needs to get off of her lazy butt
My life is way too busy so I intend to be lazy if I ever get the chance lol….if I wouldn’t refer to it as lazy though. People with children don’t have that choice. Now that I have a child I wonder what I ever did with my time and look at others without kids and see how much “lazier” their lives are than those with children


In celebration for National Scrapbooking Month Joyous Creations and Scrapping Servant a.k.a. Carolyn are having a little blog party May 19th and you're invited!

To participate in the party you do NOT need to be a scrapbooker, but you WILL need to:

* Put an invitation graphic in the sidebar on your blog (copy the code below)
* Write a post inviting other bloggers before the party
* Sign the Mister Linky the day of the party.


-->For more information visit Scrapping Servant.


Wendy said...

Doesn't this seem fun? I am excited about all the prizes! I donated a stamp set!

Ingrid said...

ha ha!!! i came across this, too, a while back!!! google your name with the word needs, it's funny how most of our namesakes need a lot of things. "shan needs a temporary husband" is so hilarious!!! i tried googling my name with the words "ingrid needs", "ingrid has" and "ingrid will" and i was laughing so hard at what came out. this is really so funny!

btw, thanks for always dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. you are such a nice person, your comments always touch my heart. yes, indeed, you are right, THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE AREN'T THINGS, some people just don't get that. they have a different yardstick for happiness, so sad!!! have a great weekend!

That Chick Over There said...

I love the
"Shan needs"

Mine are CRAZY funny!

Dianna said...

Shanille let me know if u can view my blog. I'm still raw at this and trying to figure out how things work I'll get it yet!! be patient with me and pls try again and let me know is u can view it yet

Shanilie said...

Dianna: I can see your blog now! :-) I'll head over.

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