Jacob's Second Birthday!


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Jacob's birthday star was on Kid's CBC on Sat, April 21. I was very pleased. I was still worrying a little in the back of my mind thinking of the what if's...if I had written the write address, or had enough stamps on it etc...Thankfully it all worked out. They used to say a whole lot more about the children but since I sent in the star they switched to just saying the names and ages for times sake so that alright. I used Jacob's profile picture on his site if you want to see the picture from the video a little more clearly. Eventually I am going to invest in a video card so that way I can post videos from our VCR and put them on the computer.....for now I had to do things a little differently. I recorded straight from the camera so the image will be very unclear. The words you can hear, but his star you can barely see. From the naked eye we can't see images on the computer refreshing but from the camera you can....so the video I uploaded from my camera is quite blurry than the recording actually is. When I do invest in a video card I will post a clearer video to my blog. Till then I guess this will have to do. Enjoy.

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Jacob turns 2 today at approx. 10:21PM this evening but we celebrated his birthday the day before. His birthday party went really well. It was really difficult finding a day that worked for everyone but sometimes it is just impossible to work around everyone's schedule. All his cousins were able to be there so he had lots of kids to play with anyway. We did the usuals in the usual order:
- Mingle
- Eat main course
- Have dessert
- Open presents
- Then we saved the pinata for last.
He ate a LOT of everything, ran around with screaming kids. It was the usual....chaos. A little stress here and there on my part, but I guess that is to be expected with the business of everything. He is eating his cake and ice cream in these photos. He blew his candle out like a pro. We had a Thomas The Train Cake and if you wound the train up it drove across the oval tracks in the center of the cake.....the second he saw it he took it off of the tracks and started saying choo choo.

He absolutely loved opening his presants. He had a lot of help from his younger cousins frantically passing him their gifts to open. They helped him to start unwrapping it then he tore it open as fast as he could. In the small left photo he had just opened his huge Nemo fish and was smiling ear to ear. He calls him Mo-ne instead of Nemo lol. He was very happy with everything, and every time he saw a gift pertaining to Thomas he kept saying choo-choo.
A few nights ago Ryan and I set up his bright, new red bicycle, it is smaller than the usual tri-cycles I have seen so I knew his legs could definitely touch the petals. We hid it till it was time to open presents so when he walked into the room that was the first thing he saw and the only thing that came out of his mouth was "wow-we". We all laughed. This tri-cycle has three steps on the back of it so it is also easier to get on than the usual tri-cycles out there too. It has a very nostalgic look to it with the ribbons coming out of the handle, large wheels and silver metal colored accents off of the red. He was pleased. But as soon as the other children started passing him gifts he was fast to get off of the bike. After the gifts were opened we went outside (YES!! we did have nice weather. It was nice several days in March but for a while there we had a very rainy spell in April. It is over now and they have foercasted 18-22C throughout the rest of the week! Personally I don't like it above 20, that is too hot for me ;) Jacob hit the pinata first then we proceeded youngest to oldest that way the older kids couldn't bust it open before the younger ones got the chance. After about two time through the candy started flinging everywhere. They were happy. I gave them each empty candy bags to put their candy in. So that was his day. From the moment we got up yesterday till this morning we have been singing the "Happy Birthday" song to him. After the party yesterday when everyone started singing it as the cake was coming in I think he understands the specialness of it now, because this morning when he woke up he was beaming and dancing.

Jacob hitting the pinata.


laura said...

Seems like you guys had a really nice party :-)
Happy Birthday to Jacob!!
Love, Laura

Summer said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Jacob!! What great pictures. Looks like alot of fun. Thats the way it goes around my house with Pintas. Candace always goes first since is usually the youngest.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!

What a fantastic Nemo pinata!!!

Wendy said...

AWWW! What great pictures! He looks soooo happy with all the excitement! The cake is great! I hope it tasted yummy!


Dianna said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! Many more birthday parties!!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Wendy said...

The video is cute! I could see his star a tiny bit:) That's great that they go through all those kiddos like that!

Connie said...

Happy 2cd Birthday, Jacob :) I hope you had a fantastic day :) It looks like he had a great birthday party w/LOTS of fun :) The pinata is so cute! He's such a cute, sweet little boy! I love love the last pic in the collage (the close up of him smiling)~his smile is just so cheerful :) I hope Jacob had a wonderful 2cd Birthday~sending lots of big hugs from Blogger Aunt Connie :)

P.S. That's a cute video too~he'll treasure that as he gets older :)

P.S.S. Sorry I'm just now commenting~we had an Easter celebration w/my dad & sisters & nephew yesterday (since we didn't get to celebrate Easter together) & I wasn't online at all yesterday.

Ingrid said...

what a blast!!! you did great on planning your son's birthday party!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jacob!!! when he's older, he will look back to this day & hug you and thank you just for being the kind of mom that you are to him!!! i'm proud of you. you always make your son your #1 priority. i wish i could be like you! :) :)

great party!!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice party and pictures for Jacob! You do a good job of keeping up with your scrapbooking I see! I have all our photos in a box yet to be put in scrapbooks. One day I will have a monsterous job on my hands! Jacob must have gone to bed the happiest, "sweetest" little boy the night of his party!

Shanilie said...


Ute said...

Hi Jacob,
I'm sooo late, but this is from the heart nonetheless. Happy Birthday, have wonderful third year, a lot of adventures are waiting for you and your mum.

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