Jacob's New Hair Cut


Eating his goldfish and looking a little dazed.

Last week Jacob got a hair cut from Aunt Cathy. It was geting long again, so we decided to go the shortest his hair has ever been. It will be easy to work with during the summer months ahead. I personally don't like really really really short buzz cuts on little boys but it is still cute and easy to manage at this point. I just love longer hair on both boys and girls.
P.S. I just wanted to add that I am trying a new background for Jacob's site. It is a page that Jacob colored from his coloring book. Pinky Dinky Doo is one of his favorite TV shows. Jacob loves coloring with me, so you can see the areas that I colored and the areas Jacob colored. I think it looks a little fun but was wondering "is it too much" what do you think?


Summer said...

The pcitures of Jacob looks great. The top pictures Jacob doesn't look too happy that he was getting his haircut. Such a handsome boy.

laura said...

I normally like longer hair on boys too, but Jacobs short hair looks cute.

Devoted Mama said...

Jacob's new haircut looks SO cute & he looks like a "little boy" now moreso than a "baby" :) I really like it. I love the background for Jacob's page~it's totally appropriate :)

Wendy said...

Aww! That last big pic of him is so sweet! The background is cute! I don't think that it is too much at all!

Drea said...

I could make that background work if you scanned the entire thing... i dont like the way it overlaps itself. you know what im talking about?
I could make it flow much better. Let me know ill help you out ;-) FOR fweeee hehehe. I'll be gone this weekend but i can help u next week.

Drea said...

oh and he looks so much older! i cried when calebs hair got cut. I was like "wheres my baby!"

Margo said...

Where ever did the baby go????

Shanilie said...

Summer: Thanks. Yes, he does look a little blue in the pictures. I don't know what was up with that.

Laura: Wow, really, someone who likes long hair on guys...I though I was the only one lol

Connie: Thank you...yes, he is a little mini man now :(

Wendy: Glad you like it. Thank you. I'm always afraid of getting his hair too short.

Drea: Thanks so much for your offer...I am still in the experimental stages of his background, testing things out and different colors....maybe some day I will find a background for him that I am completely satisfied with. Thanks again. I know what you mean....they look so much older with a little man hair cut. They grow so fast :(

Margo: You said it.

Brandi said...

what a cutie Shan! Miss you!

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