Our Easter Sunday morning welcomed us with the biggest winter storm that we have had all winter. All the snow had melted and we were even contemplating having a barbeque outside this weekend out in our t-shirts and enjoying some yard games and family fun. We got over 20cm of snow and high winds up to 85km with white out conditions. We thought the worst was over today, but now they are forecasting yet another 10 cm today with high blowing winds. Winter in April….who would have thought. Thankfully it is still above zero so it will melt fast….I hope. Because the driving conditions were so terrible, none of us got to go to any Easter church services. I was quite disappointed about that.

Can you find the chocolate egg?

We didn't have an Easter Basket so we used a measuring cup instead! How festive lol.

Another egg.

My Mom is visiting my dad for the week and my younger sisters are staying with me. We had a ‘girls night’ spent doing manicures and pedicures. It was a lot of fun. For three dollars you can get a packet of three things (mud mask, foot mud mask, and a deep hair conditioning treatment) I bought one for my sisters for a little Easter gift. It is funny how even just doing your nails can make a person feel sexier lol. We were going to go to a movie today….but by the looks of things I don’t think we would even make it to the city.

Our Easter tradition was to have a bunch of chocolate eggs hidden throughout the house. Last year Jacob was not even one yet so we didn’t do anything like that with him last year. But he was definitely old enough this year. We hid eggs all through the house. He had so much fun being carried around the house looking for eggs. He kept saying “there it is” in his high squeaky voice…..and usually with a full mouth of chocolate. I don’t go all out or anything, a bag of jelly beans, share a white chocolate bunny and a few mini eggs. After that we had a nice brunch of pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon and I even made some fresh blueberry muffins. My sisters like to sleep in, so that is what they are doing now as I am writing this.


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Love all the Easter pics :) Jacob's so cute! It looks like you all had a great Easter. Hope you have fun w/your sisters :) Have a great day blogger friend :)

That Chick Over There said...

Great photos! You are so talented!

Wendy said...

Nice pictures, as always! Jacob looks absolutely adorable! That is so awesome that you had some girly time with your sisters:) The nails look great! It seems that everyone had a cold easter:0(

Drea said...

awe easter egg hunts are so fun. Did he eat a lot of candy...?
Caleb ate so much that when he was jumping on a trampoline he threw up LOL..He came to me and said "Mama I sick." and showed me his hand with puke on it. SICK! lol but he felt fine after that.

Summer said...

What a great weekend you had. I agree. Great Easter photos.

Ellie said...

What a nice post, it lets us see inside your Easter weekend. I think it would be a lot of fun to have more then one sister and you could have little parties like you and your sisters had. I like your innovation on the "basket" as well. Jacob doesn't care what the basket looks like, it is the goodies inside that count and you saved money. :)

Our Easter was snowy as well, but nothing like what you have described. Some of our state had gobs of snow, but it didn't reach our area. :)

Shanilie said...

Connie: Thanks Connie, glad you enjoyed the pictures. I hope you had a special Easter as well with your family. Yes, sister time can be fun, I hope to have more times like that in the near future. Sometimes so much time goes by with the business of everything and we don't get together as often as we would like, and we are only a 3 minutes drive from each other!

Chick: Glad you enjoyed the pictures :) I wouldn't say it is talent. Just months of trial and error lol. I use a lot of pictures because I am not the best writer in the world. Thanks. :)

Wendy: Thank you. It was fun hanging out with my sisters. We don't get to do that often enough. I don't know what I will do when Caitlin graduates next semester. I am usually the one going away, now it is her turn :( Yes, isn't that funny how we all got snow on Easter. Hopefully it will be the last snow of the 'winter'

Drea: Yes, I can remember being a child and so excited to see little mini eggs hiding around everything. I only bought a small bag of chocolate mini eggs and then hid them after he had a couple. He wasn't interested in the jelly beans....so thankfully he didn't eat too much. I know he could have easily made himself sick off of them lol. Aww Caleb is such a cutie. He seems to talk a lot too. It is amazing that the body can feel so much better after 'being sick' lol. Sometimes when I have the flu I feel so much better afterwards.

Summer: Thanks. Glad you liked the photos.

Ellie: Glad you enjoyed the post. I guess it was a little step by step run down of our weekend. It was a little busier than that but I could be here all day ;) Yes, I do enjoy our sister times together. I am 9-11 years older than them but, things are evening out a little more as they are getting older. Glad you liked my choice of bowl, yup we saved $ too :)) I guess we all had some snow for Easter. Lets hope it is the last. I am ready for some warm summer days!

laura said...

sounds and looks as if you guys had fun :-)

Ute said...

Wow, so much snow! But that obviously didn't spoil your mood...great, that you have some time pampering yourself, your fingernails look great! You know, well manicured fingernail are a passion of me...

Sounds like Jakob had a lot of fun searching eggs...we are lucky in Germany: monday at easter weekend is a holiday as well and we had another day off.

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