Constantly Doing Double Takes


The last couple of days Jacob has been doing many things that is just making my jaw drop. He really is making me do a double take. I am in awe at how much he is learning and how much he is a little boy now and not a baby anymore.The first thing that happened was first thing this morning. I was trying to take a quick shower before Jacob woke up but he must have woken up as I was taking my shower and this is what I walked in on (above). He had two of his favorite stuffed animals lying on the floor with their heads propped up on his pillow and two blankets, one over each of them. He even propped up his cup up to one of the bears too! I thought it was way too cute. When I walked in he pointed to them and said “ni-night” over and over again. I guess he was tucking the bears in bed just the way I do for Jacob. A child’s mind never ceases to amaze me!

Secondly, was when I was in the kitchen getting supper ready and washing up some dishes, Jacob was playing in the play room beside me and I looked in and this is what I saw (below) He was playing with the lego that he got out all by himself and was neatly putting it together in one long line. I know it isn’t that huge but still, I was like “Ryan, did you help him with that?” he said no, so I was just really amazed by his fine motor skills.

Putting the lego all in a straight line.


Devoted Mama said...

That is sooo sweet when they begin "pretend play" like that (with the bears). I remember reacting the same way w/Justin as you did w/Jacob w/the Legos. Justin used to do that w/his cars & then it was *everything* :) Now, Kendall's beginning to do it & I can totally relate to your excitement! Way to go Jacob :) He's one cute & intelligent little boy :)

Wendy said...

That is so cute! I love pretend play! Especially when they start talking to themselves and acting little scenarios out! Too cute! Wesley loves to line things up even now! You are going to have a very particular little boy:)

Margo said...

what a smart little sweet pea!

Margo said...

By the way, I hope your little guy had a happy birthday!

Shanilie said...

Connie: Sweet little Kendall is putting things in lines too. Too cute. It is amazing watching children grow. Lately it has been everything...he'll put his cars in a line...bears in a line, plates, cups, bins in a line. Yesterday he even had them sorted by color. Wow.

Wendy: Aww cute, Wendy still organizes things like that. I remember when my sisters were little and they would talk to themselves with different scenarios...I think when that happens I may find that quite ammusing.

Margo: Yes, he is a little smartie pants some times ;) Thank you for the birthday blessings :)

Rebekah said...

ohmygosh. so stinking adorable. you've got one smart boy on your hands shan! I haven't been to this site in a while so I feel blown over by what Jacob has been learning to do in the past while. amazing. kids are stinking amazing.

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