April 13 & School's Cancelled?!


This is what we woke up to this morning after a beautiful sunny day yesterday reaching 13C yesterday afternoon :( Quite the changes, but not uncommon in NS this time of year. As a result of the sleet and freezing rain and another 20cm of snow covered roads schools in the local school board were cancelled…which means, we get an unexpected day together! I didn’t even think school would be cancelled so we didn’t even bother hoping for it and prepared for a regular day today, which makes this even more of a surprise, and to top it off, the house is all clean so we don’t have anything pressing that needs to be done right now so since we are house bound I guess we can just relax together :)
Another bit of exciting news is that Ryan got a call from the recruiting center yesterday saying that they have him on the April 18 list! This basically means that he will most likely get in and have a job for the summer months! Unfortunately we would be apart for a month and a half for his training in August, but that would be a short-term difficulty for a long-term benefit. Plus, the fact that we would be apart would mean that he would be getting separation pay which would make things easier. As Ryan put it…I get both of the things that I have always wanted……a man in uniform….and a teacher lol. Although it is kind of interesting that the kind of uniform that he would be wearing for ceremonial occasions would be a kilt! But for every day wear he would be wearing regular army issue uniform colors.

A few months back we had the option given to us about buying the place we are currently renting. The owners said we could have first dibs, but we turned it down right away, until we realized that it needs a LOT of work so the house would definitely be within our price range! Now that the word of the possibility of us buying is out to close family I can write about it now without worrying that someone will hear it from the blog first. Since the house needs a lot of work we are hoping to put some money towards renovating. It would be a nice change from the last three and a half years moving every eight months. We would have a place of our own and our $ would at least be going someplace and we can build equity which will help us to get a larger mortgage in the future for when we do move close to the city.

For now I think this would be the best decision for us in the long term. As much as I would love to be closer to the city this is a great location because we are 45-50 minutes from 3 large cities. This way, in case Ryan doesn’t get a full-term teaching position then he has plenty of schools he can sub at in order to keep teaching every day of the week. As a teacher who travels far they pay the travel expenses ;) so that is nice plus and for the most part, it is a lot less expensive living in the country too. We are near family also, that is important to us as well. I will keep you posted. We met with the bank two days ago and are working out how we are going to get the money we need without having to get a co-signer. I know my parents are willing to do that but we and the bank is hoping to see what we can do so we don’t have to do that. Well, Sunday is supposed to get up to +14 so I am sure the 20cm we got again today will melt very quickly. For now, I am going to go and enjoy my day with my wonderful boys, and if we’re lucky we can get out and build a snow man, and hopefully this time I will remember to take pictures of it before it melts!

View of what it looks like outside this morning. Daddy and Jacob relaxing and watching Poko as I write this. Oh, and if you are wondering about the hat...Jacob found it and insisted on wearing it lol. The above picture is yesterday morning when Ryan and Jacob were both in their robes playing the guitar together ..... such cuties. They fill my heart with joy!


Summer said...

Isn't is supposed to be Spring? That is good that you guys get to spend the day together and it's Friday so you can get ahead on your weekend. Great pictures.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

That is great that you guys get an extended weekend~those are the best & since you're snowed in, you can make it quality family time :)

That's wonderful about your house~I will keep you all in my prayers that it works out. You're right, it's easier to spend $ when you know it's going towards a home that is yours. Good luck w/all the renos :)

The snow is beautiful~especially since we didn't get to see any this season here in Georgia :) Thanks for sharing the pics. Oh, & Jacob looks so cute as always~such a sweetie :) Have a good day & extended weekend blogger friend :)

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

I lurved unexpected snow days as a teacher!!!!

Glad to hear you had a good one.

Good luck on the home...

Wendy said...

That's awesome that you were able to have an unexpected day together! I loved snow days when I worked at a preschool that went by the public schools schedule! It made me sooo happy when I could go back to bed! I love my sleep! HA!

Awesome #2! Good luck with the bank! I will be sending well wishes your way! I remember buying our house and how stressful it was to wait! But in the end it was all worth it! It is great that you both have really thought about it and looked at all your options! This way there wont be any surprises popping up on you!

Tell Ryan congrats for me! You will have to post pics of the uniform! Everyone loves a man in a uniform:) LOL!!!

Ingrid said...

woww! everything's going great in your own little world there!!!! school's off!!!! you're about to get your own home!!! what more can you ask for? life's just great, but it's even greater for nice, wonderful people!!! my dad used to tell me before that "we always get what we deserve in life", so all these good things coming your way, you are all deserving of that!!! congratulations!!!

Ute said...

Well, seems you had a lucky friday the 13th...:-)) did I understand this right, school was off because of snow? Wonderful for you and your family. I love your snow pictures although I think you really have enough of the snow in the middle of april, do you? Or is spring starting rather late at your place?

Don't want to make you envious, but we had about 26 degree Celius today and the girls were playing in shorts and T-shirts in the garden and in the evening we had a barbecue sitting outside and enjoying it. But to be honest, such tempretures are not usual at this time of the year. I already got my first sunburn....unbelievable....

the thing about your house sounds wonderful, I just didn't quite understand everything. Need to read more carfully.

Shanilie said...

Summer: lol I know! This is actually very unusual for us. The weather in December is better than it was Friday. The temperatures are still pretty mild and the snow melts very quick so that's good. Yes, we sure did enjoy Friday together.

Connie: Yes, the stranded in days are the best for quality family time...no places to go or errands to run. Thank you for your prayers for the house. It will be interesting to see what all conspires with that. And if we do get it I will def. enjoy the renos.What?! No snow all winter...I think I am gonig to have to visit Georgia some day!

Janet: Thanks! Yes, as a teacher I am sure you especially appreciated them. An added bonus of teaching guess.

Wendy: Thank you for your well wishes. I can imagine that it would have been a stressfull time. I just don't like getting my hopes up so we are taking this very slowly. You're right though, in the end it will be well worth it. lol I will def. put up pictures of Ryan in his uniform when he gets it ;)

Ingrid: Thanks so much. That is soo sweet. Life has been a struggle for us ever since we were married, first with us both still being in university, then Jacob coming then me working to put Ryan through school. Was a CRAZY time but now that we have been finished school for a while and now that Jacob is older and we are making a little more $ things just seem to be falling into place. Lets hope...I am ready for some stability :)

Ute: lol that is so funny! I didn't even notice that it was Friday the 13th! Yup, Ryan didn't have to go to school because the roads were bad. No, it is usually VERY rare to have a snow day in April. The days have been mild though, but I am envious of your +26C! That is probably the warmest it will get here in NS in the middle of summer. Me and really warm temperatures don't get along....I would be happy with +10-15 my whole life. ;)

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