Take A Guess + Wonderful News....


I have been wanting to do this for a while. For fun, I was thinking that out of the four photos above, you could take a guess who you think the four babies are.

Ciara (Ryan’s sister's baby)

Who do you think is who? I love looking at baby pictures of family when they were young, you can see so many resemblances of everyone. I have put numbers one through four on the photos, so when you guess, just mention who you think each number is. Enjoy! I can even make a button for the winner if you want of you favorite picture.

Speaking of babies, I am happy to announce that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting! The doctors have the baby's due date scheduled for September 12! I will keep you updated on their progress. This will be their first, and Jacob's first cousin on my side of the family!


Laura said...

That are wonderful news about H. being pregnant!
Tell them all the best from me :-)

To the baby photos I would say that Jacob is number 3. Ryan is number 2. Ciara is number 4 and you're number 1.

I'm pretty sure about Jacob but the rest is just guessing ;-)

Drea said...

I think Jacob is number 3
You're number 1
Your hubby number 2
and the sister number 4

Did I win! :-)

Wendy said...

I will guess...


Fun idea! You should do one with some of us bloggers who all read each other! Baby pics of us, I mean!

Wendy said...

I forgot to say congrats to your brother and SIL!! YAY for little babies!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

I will take a stab @ guessing:

1) You
2) Ryan
3) Jacob
4) Ciara

That's a very neat idea & alot of fun! I'm anxious to see who guesses correctly :) I agree w/Wendy~you should do one of all of us who know each other thru blogging~baby pics that is :)

Congrats to your brother & SIL~I wish them the very best :)

Summer said...

Okay here is my guess

1) Shanilie
2) Ryan
3) Jacob
4) Ciara

Congrats!! to your brother and sister in law. What exciting news!

Ute said...

Oh I'm sooo bad at this. For me newborns just look alike...:-))
I will wait till your tell us the results and say "I always knew Jakob was number 3.....!"

And congratulations to your brother an his wife. This is great news!

Shanilie said...

Thank you everyone for your well wishes for my brother and sil. We are all still pretty on edge especially with their last miscarriage. She is 4 months along now and has found the babies heart beat. That is a good sign. I hope things are all good this time around and that they can relax a bit and enjoy the experience a bit, but I know that can be easier said than done.

As for the baby pictures, you were all right. Wendy, you just got Ryan and I backwards. I think this one was to easy! I was thinking of adding several other family members baby pictures but, if I do this again I won't go so easy lol jk. I liked your idea Wendy, about getting other blogger friends to send pictures in and take guesses. I will look into it for sure! As for anyone who wants a button just let me know and send the picture to me from the "contact me" section at the top right of my blog. Thanks for all your guesses!

Margo said...

1 you, 2 Ryan, 3 Jacob & 4 Ciara

Anonymous said...

I am like Ute, not good with baby pictures, but that was a fun one to try. You always seem to come up with intersting posts like that. Hope all is well with you and yours. I am trying to catch up on reading my fellow blogger's blogs. I need to quit my job so I have more time to blog! Sounds like an addiction to me!

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