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I just did this post but then my computer froze and I had to re-do it all :( So here I go again….

Jacob has been doing really well the last three nights. I will tuck him in bed, give him a kiss, say night night, then sing Jesus Loves Me. We have never missed a night doing that. It only takes a minute to sing and it really helps him to feel secure, loved and comforted, and to wind down. One of my favorite things to do when he was younger (between birth and one) was to rock together. It even relaxed me! Some days it was the only time we could just cuddle together. Cherish those times because they go way to fast!

Anyway, back to sleeping. Last night was the first night that I heard Jacob get out of bed. I put him to bed around 8:00PM and heard him playing around till about 8:30PM. I didn’t mind too much because I know even when he was in his crib he would talk and jump in it before he would fall asleep. I decided to go up at 8:30PM, put him back to bed, gave him a kiss and said night night. He wasn’t up again till morning. VERY happy.

He has been a little more active during nap time but still is pretty good. Yesterday around nap time I went in about three times and every time I heard him I put him back to bed. I didn’t mind at all. I just sat outside the door and waited. (saw it on Supernanny….actually worked!) And by the third time I put him back in bed and told him to stay in bed he didn’t get out again! This has actually been one of the easiest transitions so far. He has been doing really well. I am thankful. Lets hope it lasts :) I will keep you posted. I find as long as I am rested and getting my sleep I am more patient and less worried about things. Not enough sleep can really make for an impatient mommy which isn’t good. I don’t want to get to the point where I take my frustration out on my children because I am tired. I have seen/heard that happen to other children too many times.

The picture at the top right was taken around 10:00PM right before I went to bed. I used the night time option on my camera. His room was completely dark and as you can see the pictures that I took are brighter than even some of the ones I take during the day with regular light. My pictures as of late have been wayyy to dark. I may have to use the night time option for now on for even my day time pictures if they aren't going to be so dark. I hope so. I can't afford a new camera right now.

P.S. IMPORTANT NOTICE: I was recently reading blogger friend Amber’s blog and she mentioned reading a clip on the baby development website that Jacob is no longer a toddler :(!!!!! He is a pre-schooler. I guess that starts around 2! He is not my little baby, he isn’t even my little toddler anymore :) I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was just getting used to calling him a toddler. I can tell you that the toddler stage went by way too fast!


Summer said...

hey Shanilie. That's great that Jacob is going to bed with no problems. Good Job. I was thinking on what you & Amber wrote about 2 not be a toddler. That is so weird because you can't start preschool here until you are 3 or 4 yrs old. Has it changed? Here in B.C. you can't start preschool until 1) you are potty-trained and 2) you have to be between 3 or 4 yrs. old. You know what else I think you can think of Jacob as your baby for as long as you want. I still call Candace "My little baby" still and she doesn't seem to mind it.

Shanilie said...

Hi Summer, Thank you for such a sweet and encouraging comment. You're absolutely right...I Jacob will be my widdle baby forever :)

heiresschild said...

hi shanilie,

thank you for visiting my blog today thru ellie's site. you have a very nice blog here. i'm taking my time going thru each tab.

my children are grown and married now, with their own children. my daughter has a 17-month old, and when i went to california last year to visit with them, it took my granddaughter 2 days to be completely comfortable with me. after that, she would let me rock her to sleep. that's how her mom would put her to sleep each nite. she was born 2 months early, and she is such a little sweetie. now, my daughter says she'll just lie down with her minnie mouse doll, turn over and go to sleep.

oh, and for the record, my daughter is still my baby. *lol*


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