Photo Friday "Once In A Lifetime Experience"


My Family of Three *click image for larger view*

Crazy Hip Blog Mamas site is having a photo game called Photo Friday. Every Friday there is a different theme. The theme now is called “Once In A Lifetime Experience”. I pondered for a while as to what photo I was going to include. There was one of Ryan, Jacob and I at the lighthouse where I worked at, I figured a job like that could be considered once in a lifetime and the second I thought of was one where we were standing on the ocean floor completely uncovered at the site of the worlds highest tides but decided against both. I decided to post the picture of when we first became a family. This will be my only first once in a lifetime experience. After being induced because I was over two weeks late, I came to the hospital on a Wed. the contractions started but I didn’t go to the hospital till 3:00AM Thursday and Jacob wasn’t born till 1 day and 20+ hours later and he since he was positioned the wrong way I ended up having a c-section. I guess even the c-section could be considered …hopefully lol a ‘once in a lifetime experience’. This was the first picture that was taken of our family of 3!

I have noticed a lot of things like this in my time of using blogger. It really helps you to have fun, get involved, and also attract new-comers to your blog and 'meet' new people. I haven't heard of something for every day of the week yet.....but these are the ones that I am aware of so far: Not all are for meeting others. They are just just things to do on a specified day:

Wordless Wednesday’s - Using just a photo to describe your title (click on the title for Drea's an example) I have yet to try this one.

Thirteen Thursday's - Could be any 13 points pertaining to your title (ex. 13 things about Jacob, 13 things about me, thirteen things I have done since I have been married etc.) (click on title for example)

Photo Friday's - The home site has different themes every week and you can get involved. Go take a look and see what the next theme is. Todays is 'once in a lifetime' I described this one at the top of this page.

Photo Hunter Saturdays - Every Saturday a different theme is posted. This weeks is 'drink'. Some post pictures of their child drinking Pepsi, a bottle, a boob, a sippe cup....I've seen all those photos so far for this Sat!

I don't know any more than that....perhaps I should make up something like that for the days that are left.....Mon, Tues, and Sundays.......maybe Mommy Monday's or something lol. I should look into anyway! ;) If any of you know different things like that for other days of the week, please let me know. It really helps to give ideas for fun blogging too, and also for sharing pictures I probably wouldn't even think of posting.


Wendy said...

Shanilie! AWESOME PICTURE! I joined also!

Summer said...

Shanilie, That is an awesome picture of your family. To answer your question that you put on my blog the answer is "No, we haven't been trying at all. So if I am pregnant it is going to a total surprise.

Erica H. said...

What a great idea!!! You have such clever things on your blog! I love it!

Shanilie said...

Wendy: I just looked. I absolutely loved your wedding picture!

Summer: I hope that all you questions will be revealed in time.

Erica: Glad you enjoyed it :) I am always looking for all sorts of different do-dads.

Janean said...

AWESOME! I totally agree that is a wonderful photo. ONe of a kind!
Congratulations. I bet it seems like "just the other day", huh?

Chas said...

That's the perfect once in a lifetime picture!

Ellie said...

Neat photo Shanilie. It sounds like you are really getting into this blog thing, huh? Hope you are having a great Sunday.

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie, i agree with "chas" that is the is the perfect once in a lifetime picture. i saw the thirteen thursday on someone else's blog and said i was going to start doing that one. it'll help keep me focused on all the things i have to be thankful for.

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