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To all of my blog viewers I just wanted to announce that my friend Rebekah has just joined blogger! She has been my longest and most dear friend than anyone I have ever met. Not only that, because of all the moving I have done in my life she is the one person I have known since we were small children. Though we have gone our seperate ways, there will always be that bond. She is like family. Her dad was the pastor of our home church our whole lives and now she has 2 boys of her own and living in the US, she wants to use the blog as a place to record her children's milestones. Also, the house we are currently renting is her's.....well actually her Dad's but this was their house for many years and now we are renting it lol. Please welcome her to the world of blogging. I may have to dig around but I will just have to post a picture of us when we were young....and maybe a few others :) Here is an old picture from last summer of our boys playing together. (Logan & Jacob)

Update: New post under Scrapbook Pages tab at the top. Feel free to go have a look.


The winners of the photo contest held by Drea and Donna from the site "I Know I'm Not Alone" has come to a close. The winning prize for first, second and third contestants was a button. A button acts a a regular link but instead of linking text it uses a linkable photo. This way you can re-vamp your site, be creative and adds that special little touch. I already have a collection of three in the bottom of my right column. I have Drea, Wendy, and Amber buttons already.

I hope to keep adding buttons to this to all my blog viewers if you have one please share and I can keep adding buttons to my site. I am also just learning how to make them so I may eventually try a photo contest one day and give out personal linkable buttons as the prize as well! I have really enjoyed the photo contests that I have participated in so far. To anyone who wants to add my button to your site here it is:


That Chick Over There said...

Thanks for the explanation of buttons. I'm such a loser, I had no idea what they are. :)

I'm also such a loser that I don't have one for my site. :)

Margo said...

congrats to the winners! :-)

Shanilie said...

Chick: You're not a loser! lol I recently just learned what a button was as well.

Margo: Thanks, it was a lot of fun. When and if I have a photo contest or something like it you will have to enter your boys!

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