March Break


March break has arrived here for teachers and students. Ryan will still be working some at his second job but for the most part they are short evening shifts and the weekend. It will be nice having some extra time spent together as a family.

It seems like everyone I know is going some place this march break. My Mom, Dad, and youngest sister Rachael are going to Cuba with my grandmother Doe and Aunt Cathy. Cathy’s 2 youngest children are going on a missions trip to the Dominican (my 1st cousins) and My middle sister Caitlin is going to Italy and Greece with her grade 12 class. Traveling sure has changes a lot over the years.

I would love to go for a vacation some where some day with everyone, but first, I would like to make sure that family stays home to watch Jacob so that Ryan and I can have some time for ourselves. Ryan and I are still working on having our ‘honeymoon’ almost 4 yrs of being married! Maybe some day lol. I am excited for everyone, and I hope they take a lot of pictures. It has been a very mild winter so far but the last few days have been the coldest yet. Burrr and that is just the time they are leaving. I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to sun bathe in the heat while people are freezing at home lol.

Ryan hasn’t ordered the piece for the camera yet so hopefully early next week. My posts are looking pretty bare without pictures. I have a LOT on the camera so I will have to do some catching up on the blog when it comes.

Yesterday Jacob still pretty much cried in my arms all day. We went to Pat & April’s (my other cousins) in the evening and it was a LOT of fun. Jacob was the best he has been in days. I think the change of scenery did him well. Plus getting out of the house. They made a delicious cabbage roll casserole and sex in a pan for dessert! It was sooooo good. Jacob ate more that evening then he has in the last 3 days. Pat and April are in the middle of buying a house. Please pray for them. They made an offer and hopefully it will be accepted. It looked like a really nice place. Ryan worked till midnight last night too so it was great getting out for the evening and spending it with family.

I had better sign off. I recorded CSI from last night because we were out for the evening and we are going to watch it now. I just love CSI LV. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


Margo said...

Still workin' on going on that honeymoon, huh? I hope you find the time for it soon. Where would you like to go?

Anonymous said...

We have Feb. break here...And for the past 3 years we keep asking each other when we're gonna take a trip somewhere...Ah. One day!

Enjoy each other.

Shanilie said...

Margo: Yup...still working on it lol. Prob. will for quite a while yet. I would idealy love to go to the Bahamas, Dominican, Hawaii, but if I was trying to save $ I would probably just go to Florida or Cuba. They both seem like affordable places for CA's

Janet: Aww, I understand :) Yes, for day! lol You're right though, it doesn't matter where we are as long as we can be togehter~!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Glad you were able to get out last nite & have some fun w/family :) Bobby & I never had a honeymoon either & it's been 17 years, lol! So, we feel your pain, lol! We've never been on vacation either. Maybe someday :) Hope you & your family have a great weekend :)

Summer said...

First off. Thanks for sending a picture of Jacob. Hope your family has fun on their tri. I don't want to sound dumb but what kind of dessert is "Sex in a pan".

Shanilie said...

Connie: Wow, 17 yrs is a long time. I am sure it will be a while yet for us as well lol. If I had an extra 2-3 grand to spend on vacation I would probably rather put it towards renovating my house or buying something new to put in it :)) This weekend we are doing absolutely nothing :))) Last weekend was so hectic so this weekend we are just being together....especially since everyone else is away! lol

Summer: Nope that's not dumb. I just recently found out what it is as well. It is a layer dish in a casserole dish starting with a layer of grahm cracker bottom, layer of cream cheese, layer of chocolate pudding, layer of caramel, and the top finishing layer is whipped cream!!!! YUM

HeiressChild said...

i tape shows too sometimes to watch later. i was going to ask you the same question as summer about the sex in a pan dessert. hmmm, interesting. never heard of it. i'm still visiting your blog. it's lots to see and so beautiful.

Summer said...

That dessert sounds so yummy. Thanks for telling me what it is.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I am going to sound really naive here, I had no idea one could travel to Cuba! Is there a resort there, or something that your family is traveling to? I had never heard that people could go there! Very interesting, indeed.

I know what you mean about using extra money to do things around your house, rather then have a honeymoon. I think it is about priorities and I think sometimes vacations are overrated. You come back after being gone for how long and all you have are a few memories and pictures. But if you use that money wisely and invest in something for your house, well then it is "there" still to use even after that week. It is about being sensible and if funds are tight, well, sometimes it is better to not be extravagant. I do love vacations, don't get me wrong, but we don't always go on vacations because we want to use that money for other projects and I have always said, each night when I turn into my driveway it is as if I have gone on vacation. Our home is a kind of sanctuary and it is mostly calming (except when one of the kids have issues and stress me out! I won't deny that!) I was so happy to read your statement about possibly not taking a honeymoon just yet, but using that money for something around the house. You are very practical people. I like that about you, not materialistic and needing to be out there with the "Joneses". You are down to earth good people. :) You put a smile on my face when I read that.

Oh, and I also came across a recipe, "Better then sex cake". I have never made it, but it looks sooo delicious. I am afraid if I make it the kids or our company would ask me what "it" is, and I would have to say and I can just see everyone look at me in disgust. lol I know, I could give it another name and all, but at this point I have not gathered the courage to tread those waters. lol
(Maybe it is the Tylenol induced stupor that I am in that makes me admit to such a quirky weirdness???)

Shanilie said...

I am not quite certian about the details but I know that because many people don't travel for vacations to Cuba they have GREAT and affordable deals for Canadians. Besides the beach and hotels....I probably wouldn't want to do any touring of the area. Would be a little frightening.

lol Yes, maybe sometimes I am a little too practical! :) I wish some days I was a little more adventerous and just drop everything and do something crazy. I don't know if it is partly because of being the oldest in the family and the oldest cousin(granddaughter) out of 23. My home is my place I love to be, and I always enjoy a good movie with Ryan. Many times we would choose to buy our own groceries and make a special meal rather than go out. Yikes....I think I'm Mrs. Boring. I am really going to have to do something to spice things up lol. I am glad I put a smile on your face :)

The cake you mentioned sounds delicious! I may have to get that recipe from you. I enjoyed your comment. I enjoy any kind of "quirky weirdness" as you put it.....kind of describes me some days ;)

Ute said...

Ohh I would love to go for trip as well. We haven't been abroad for ages. But now the girls are old enough to pack our things and drive to a beach in Italy this or the next year. We just need a 6-7 hours drive up there, because we live in the south of Germany. Have you ever been to Europe? We have never been in the States or Canada althoug we have relatives in Minnesota. The only vacations we ever made out of Europe was in Agentina visiting friends.
Funny, we did'nt have a honeymoon as well.

That Chick Over There said...

I was totally wondering what Sex in a pan is! CRAZY! :)

Hannah said...

I didn't know you could travel to Cuba either. We used to travel internationally before Olivia came along, but we can afford it anymore. It's ok though. There's a time for everything. I hope you get to go on your honeymoon soon! :-)

Wendy said...

I hope that you and Ryan find time to go on a honeymoon soon:) Michael and I have been using all of our extra money on our house also! We never have a lot of money at once and we don't use credit cards so we are doing it little by little! It is kind of fun that way! I love finding bargains!

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