The Holiday *Watch It*


Most Friday evenings are our movie nights. Ryan is usually home and we make a yummy snack (microwave popcorn or crispy minis) after Jacob is in bed, then we cuddle up to a movie. I can say in a long, long while we haven’t seen anything that worth wile until last night! We watched the move called “The Holiday”. It was soooo wonderful! It isn’t a sad movie but I caught myself feeling a little choked up in a few parts. It is so heart warming, sweet, and for the most part wholesome. You HAVE to see it. I was shocked at how alike I was to both of the female characters portrayed on the movie. (Kate Winslet & Cameron Diaz).

I haven’t watched a whole lot of Jude Law movies. I never really liked him a whole lot. For some reason he reminded me of Ewan McGregor in their looks and accents. Ewan is one of my most favorite actors of all time, so any time I saw Jude Law I was thinking it should be Ewan. I know, it doesn’t make any sence. Well, after watching this movie I am absolutely taken with Jude Law! Go watch it, you won’t be disappointed. This has been added to my most favorite movies list. Actually, now I think it may even be in the top 3!
What do you think? See the similarities? I know one is Scottish and the other British, but I love both of their accents! So I love em both now.....well, Ewan is still #1 for me. I'm getting off track though. Great it.


Summer said...

I haven't seen the movie yet. I want to see that movie ever since I saw it advertise. I also want to see "Pursuit of Happyness" with Will Smith. Those two movies are on the top of my list to see.

That is great that you got to watch a movie together.

Gina said...

Always looking for good movies. Will check this one out!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

I've been wanting to see that movie :) So glad you were able to see it w/Ryan & enjoy some time together. Hope you're having a great weekend :)

Ingrid said...

hi there!!! isn't it a great movie?? i saw it 1st on the big screen & then recently on the DVD. i love this kind of movies, my friend calls them the RomComs (short for romantic comedies). for a while there i thought jude law's character was married w/ 2 kids, hmmmmm, boy was i wrong. it's a fee good kind of movie & i'll watch it again if there's a chance. it's great that you & your husband designates friday nights as your movie nights or is it date night??? it's just amazing. i'm happy for you guys!!!

Wendy said...

I am excited to see this movie! It is on our Netflix list so we will get it eventually:) I am glad that you and Ryan were able to hang out and watch it together:) Throughout the winter we watched a lot of movies on Friday nights but not so much this past month! Hope that you are having a great weekend!

HeiressChild said...

hi shanilie,

thanx for keeping me in prayer. i had really needed it. it's good to be back. maybe that break was like a little rehab. *lol*

i think that's beautiful for you and your husband to spend friday nites together watching movies. i haven't seen this one either, but i will.

enjoy the rest of your weekend, and i'm going to read your previous posts that i've missed.

Shanilie said...

To those of you who haven't seen this movie, you ALL will love it...I hope lol. I enjoy our friday nights together. And Ingrid, I was the same as you! I thought his character was what you said too....I was glad when I was wrong :))) Glad you enjoyed the movie.

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