Early Mornings


Jacob woke up at 5:30AM this morning and didn’t go back to sleep. He stayed in bed with us for a while but that didn’t last long either. So we went downstairs to relax on the couch. Ryan asked Jacob if he wanted to sit with him and he ran right over, got comfortable and cuddled with him for quite a while. I was surprised how long he did lay with Ryan because he doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long. It was such a sweet moment, I just had to take a picture. By this point it was barley 6:30AM so they are still in their night clothes. Ryan actually has a Saturday off, so I know he is trying to make the most of every moment.

Later on today we are going to the family swim at the public pool because I usually take Jacob to the parent and tot swim myself during the day while Ryan is at school teaching. He likes to be involved with everything. We have to also go grocery shopping and tonight we are going to watch slides again at great Granddad’s. We were there earlier this
week but there are so may great slides to see (thousands) so we had to take another day to see more. There are so many great pictures to see. I would love to be able to turn some of them into pictures. I will have to look into that. Enjoy your weekend everyone! Anyone have any special plans?


Evi said...

Good Early Morning!
Thanks for all your tips...I do have new blogger but there are still tabs that lead you to alter your HTML details...I am very fussy about color so all of mine are my own chosen colors...not the limited blogger choices. I guess I just haven't dived in to the whole scene enough yet to see what's available...I end up just having enough time to write my blog and then I'm usually off doing something in the real world.
I noticed your reference to Steinbach in your last article...we used to live close to Riverton...Mennville actually... and we still have family in Steinbach...small world.

Summer Engh said...

Hi Shanilie. nope no plans for this weekend. That's great are you are going swimming today. Enjoy! Enjoy the slideshow and your Grand dads. Enjoy your day!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Such sweet pics of Dad & Son! I hope you all have a great family day since Ryan is off! Enjoy your time together & have fun @ your Grandads :) Have a great weekend my blogger friend :)

Shanilie said...

Evi: Wow, it is a small world. Glad the directions helped :)

Summer: Enjoy your weekend too.

Connie: Thank you :) I love my family days together. They are the best!

Wendy said...

Awww!! I love early morning cuddles! It seems that morning is the only time I can get Wesley to slow down long enough for any cuddling:) I am so not a morning person so chilling out in bed with him or on the couch is fine with me:)

Hope that all your weekend plans are going well! We had a busy day yesterday but we are just chilling out today:) We may gotubing at a local ski resort but that depends on the wind. I don't want to take Lani out if it gets too windy!

Shanilie said...

Thanks Wendy,

Jacob is the same way. First thing in the morning is his cuddle time. At night he just wants to be put to bed and left alone in peace and quietness. It has been beautiful here too this weekend. A bit windy and cold today but yesterday we spent most of the day playing outside. For me it felt like the first day of spring.

Margo said...

Atleast you made the best of it!!

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