Camera Piece Arrived!!


This is just a mish-mash of the last little while. We have been having beautiful weather. Yesterday was +13. It was so nice to be able to spend some time playing outside and going out for a walk. Jacob loves stroller rides. He also loves his fisher price car. He fills it up with "gas" using a stick, honks the horn and opens and closes the door over and over again. It is one of his favorite toys.

First thing in the morning in his P-jays. He loves riding in the train. It makes several different siren sounds. He figured out for himself to wear his fireman's hat while driving. He can spend hours doing this.

I don't know if you remember me mentioning or not about having never taken a picture of Jacob while he was crying. Well, here it is, it is the first and currently only pictures I have of Jacob crying. I think it was getting close to nap time and he was being fussy and did not want his picture taken. I know a picture says a thousand words but he really was fine when these pictures were taken! lol I was trying to make him laugh, you can kind of tell in the bottom two photos that he was trying not to and making very obvious sookie faces.

This is just a random picture of Jacob. We bought corn on the cob for supper, I scraped some corn off for him but he wanted to eat it just like mommy and daddy were. He did a pretty good job and ate a lot. Corn is his second favorite vegetable. Carrots are his first.


laura said...

I left a message in your c-box, but I can't see it.
I had lots of studying to do for school lately, thats why I didn't comment on your blog.
I just wanted to say that I still enjoy reading it :-)
Monday I have my final exam in German and wednesday in English so I better go on with my studying.
Say hello to everyone!
Love, Laura

Summer said...

That is awesome that you got your camera piece. Great pictures of Jacob.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Glad to hear your picture part arrived~I know you're glad! Now you can continue w/your picture taking :)

Those are cute pics of Jacob~even if he is crying. I did the EXACT same thing last nite~I took one of Kendall crying. I had been trying for 1/2 the day to get a good one of him & he was obviously tired of me taking pics & I snapped one of him @ his worst moment, lol! I'm going to post it later today. I'm NOT surprised that this happened w/us both (both posting about the same thing~we're SO much alike :)!!!!

It appears that our sons are alot alike as well :) Kendall's fav veggie is carrots w/corn coming in @ a close 2cd! His fav fruit is bananas. Although, Kendall is my "good" eater out of my 2 children. He eats anything except tacos & chicken pot pie (the sotre kind~he'll eat it when I make it homeade, lol~go figure!).

Well, I'm sorry to have left you a novel for a comment, lol! I hope you & your family have a great weekend :)

Shanilie said...

Laura: WOW, you're all finished school! I can't believe it! Time sure flies by. I will say hello to everyone! I still want to visit Germany some day. You'll have to take me around all the popular places there is when I do! Some day.....Yes, your message did come up in the c-box if you were wondering. Good luck! Any plans for the future yet?

Summer: Thanks!

Connie: I love your lengthy comments! :) Yeae, my camera! and horay for spring. I really think winter is gone for good now :)))I went for a walk yesterday and really want to go out for one today too and all the days ahead, well the ones where it isn't raining anway.

That is so neat! We both thought of taking pictures of our boys crying around the same time lol. We just have such great boys they don't cry a whole lot! ;) As for Jacob's favorite is bananas as well. He could eat a whole bundle a day if I let him! Yumm, home made pot pie. Have a wonderful weekend too blogger friend :)

Drea said...

Arobics on your tv, heehee :-) Jacob looks 2 cute eating corn.

Ellie said...

Cute pics Shanilie. Jacob is so cute, you should have another. lol I know I shouldn't tell you what to do! Don't mind me, I am a bit nutty after my shopping today.

Hope you have a great weekend, although, I am reminded that Sunday is upon us and if I recall correctly it is also not your favorite day of the week. One day we will love Sunday again, it just has to be, or should I term that differently, one day we will enjoy our worship time once again, it just has to be.

Shanilie said...

Thanks Ellie,
For me, it is more the worry to who/what is happening and the loss of our home church. We are still searching for the right church for us and I am sure that day will come. You're right, it just has to be. I want it for myself but also for Jacob. I want him to have regularity and not have him go place to place and make meaningful relationships. Some of my best lifelong friends have been from friends I have met in Sunday school  I am taking my 2 younger sisters to their church today. Mom works every other weekend so I take them to church on the weekends she works. So that’s good. I need more regularity and a place to feel "at home" thank you for your encouraging words.

Ute said...

What lovely pictures of Jacob. I liked the ones where he is eating corn. Great! I'm glad that your can post more pictures now, need to do that as well.

Wendy said...

Glad you finally received your camera piece:) The pictures are awesome!

Shanilie said...

Ute: Thank you :) We love our corn on the cob! :) Yea, I can go a little picture crazy sometimes, I wish I could journal better.

Wendy: Glad you liked the pictures :)....even though he was crying in a few of them. I don't know why, but I always feel bad taking a picture when they are crying. I guess this time he was just over tired. Yeae for the camera :)

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