Before Jacob Was Born


These pictures were taken before my camera died so .......I have a few pictures to show you! This is just a mish mash of everything when Ryan and I were in our childless days.

Wedding night *click image for larger view*
This picture is the place we stayed for our wedding night. It was so relaxing and the food was spectacular!

Destroyer Ship *click image for larger view*
This picture was taken in Halifax. We were able to have a tour of one of the destroyer ships that was docked. This was a few days before our wedding. We did a lot of sight seeing with Ryan's Mom and Dad when they came to NS.

Ryan & I *click image for larger view*

Our first Christmas together *click image for larger view*

More pictures of our first Christmas. *click image for larger view*

These pages are not the best I have ever done but I thought I would share with you some of our beginning days. I would give you tips with this post as well but it is pretty straight forward. The edging strips in the first two pictures was made by the Creative Memories edger. I took one strip from the outside and the other from the inside. I liked the wavy look rather than the regular long rectangular look. Most of the text and designs were made by using the square cutter. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Wendy said...

Great pages! It is good to do pages prebabies! I did half of our wedding so far but nothing else:( I do have all the pictures organized though! I guess that's a start! LOL!!!

Shanilie said...

I was going to do a full wedding albun but decided later that I probably would never finish lol. I used to scrapbook all my pictures as soon as they were developed but since I had Jacob besides his 1 year baby album I have been doing, I have a TON of pictures now. I am so far behind.... As long as you're organized thats the best thing.

Scrapping Servant said...

Thanks for sharing... I noticed you mainly scrapbook Creative Memories style, how long have you been a scrapper? I'm glad I found you... I would love to invite you to my scrapbooking blog party on the 19th.

Shanilie said...

Hi there! Thanks for the invite :) I will definitly participate. I started scrapbooking approx. 5 years ago shortly before I met my hubby back in 2002. Yes, I love creative memories, but I would love to try out a few others that I have heard of. I hardly update this page because since I had Jacob I seem to never find any time to scrapbook. Hopefully I can post more updated pages soon.

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