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This has been a busy and relaxing week. There have been a lot of new happenings in my life which I may decide to share eventually, but this isn’t the best time. Some great news and some news I’m not quite sure how to deal with. Please pray for me! I think I have reached stress peak am at the point where I feel like running away. I feel a little claustrophobic during times of intense stress. I am glad that I can share my feelings through writing. It really helps me. Thank you blog world. And thank you to my blogger friends that I can share things with. Funny thing is that most times like this usually occur when my family is away for vacation lol. I don’t know why when your heart is heavy that it actually feels like there is a physical weight literally hanging. It is actually heavy to breathe. Maybe it’s just me. Sometimes emotional pain effects me physically too. The best thing I can do is pray and give it to God. Because sometimes He is the only one who will listen. People can let you down.

I will end this post with a meme. I got the idea from Connie. It’s called The ABC’s of Home Making

Aprons~~Y/N~No: I don't use aprons
Baking~~Favorite thing to bake: Bananna Bread (As Ryan puts it, it’s the best he’s ever had
Clothsline~~Y/N: Yes, I use it quite frequently
Donuts~~Ever made them: No, probably never will
Everyday~~1 homemaking thing you do every day: Dishes
Freezer~~Do you have a seperate deep freezer: Yes, it's in our sun room
Garbage Disposal~~Y/N: No, don't have one
Happpiness: When are you most happy?~ When I am with my husband and son. They are my amazing family!
Ironing~~Love it/Hate it: I don't iron~I hang clothes up as soon as they're out of the dryer and buy clothes that don’t need to be ironed

Junk Drawer~~Where is it: In our kitchenKitchen
Kitchen~Design & decorating: I don’t really have a theme. White curtains with red walls
Love~~What is your favorite part of homemaking: Being a SAHM
Mop~~Y/N: Yes, I mop our tile floors that are in the laundry room, kitchen, & bathrooms w/Pine Sol (Love the smell)!
Nylons~~Wash them by hand or in the washer: Usually by hand, but I don’t wear them very often so I would probably just buy new ones
Oven~~Do you use the window or open it to check food: I have to admit I usually open the door
Pizza~~What do you put on yours: peperoni and salami…I love meat!
Quiet~~What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment: blog or a nice hot bath

Recipe Card Box~~Y/N: No, I have them typed on the computer. It just got so dirty.
Style of House: 2 story farm house~white siding, 4-bedrooms & 1 baths, Family room, Kitchen, Dining room, & an office & sun roomTablecloths/Napkins~~Y/N: Not usually
Tablecloths for holidays
Under the kitchen sink: Nothing, Jacob likes to hide in there
Vacuum~~How many times a week: Every day, sometimes 2x a day. Jacob likes to smush his leftovers everythere (cheiros all over the floor lol)
Wash~~How many loads do you do in a week: I don’t enjoy doint the laundry! I do about 5-6 loads a week
X's~~Do you keep a list of things to do & cross them off: My middle name is lists. I am always making long color coded lists. People find it funny.
Yard~~Who does what: We all take turns mowing. I would normaly because I love the exercise and being outside.

ZZZ's~~What is your last homemaking task of the day: Putting Jacob to bed, singing & kissing them good-nite, making Ryan’s lunch for school for the next day then to finally have some time to ourselves.

Blogger Friend Ellie does what she calls “thankfuls” at the end of each of her posts and I thought I would try it, this one time, In stressful times I try to think about the positive things in my life rather than the irks:


My amazing supportive husband who is always there to listen

My beautiful son and his smiles. He always brightens my days
For friends, bloging world and my blog friends and their encouraging words
For family who is there for me


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

I will definitely keep you in my prayers~hope everything's ok :) I'm here, blogger friend, even if it's just thru the blog world :) Enjoyed reading your ABC meme :) Liked your Thankfuls too~that's what it all boils down to~family & friends :) Take care & keep your chin up & turn everything over to God :)

That Chick Over There said...

I can't do this meme!!!! :)

I love the Thankfuls. I like to keep things in perspective. :)

Summer said...

I did that Memme to. It was fun. Whatever you are going through right now I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

OK my ABC's of homemaking are:
Always let the hubby clean. So I can catch some Z's....Period.

Shanilie said...

Connie: Thanks so much. Much appreciated. You always manage to put a smile on my face. Thank goodness for family, friends and God.

Chick: You can't do the meme? lol I was just doing it for fun, you're right it is good to keep things into perspective.

Summer: I enjoyed your meme as well. Thank you.

Janet: I think I am going to take your advice...hubby can handle things ;)

Wendy said...

Het Shanilie! I am so sorry to hear that you are going through "stuff"! Feel free to e-mail me if you need to chat! I feel the same way about writing:) I will be keeping you, Ryan, and Jacob in my thoughts! I love the thankfuls and agree fully with Connie! It always comes down to family! As it should:) I hope you are okay!

Ute said...

Ohh, I hope that things whatever they are turn out to be good changes for you. Sounds like you are really scared and concerned. Well, I am not such a faithful person as you are, but I will think of you in my quite times, which I always have at the end of the day to think about what was good and bad on this day.

Love the meme of conny too and will do this for me, as soon as I find the time.

Margo said...

I made homemade donuts once...never again...they weren't exactly appetizing.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Just wanted to tell you "Thank You" for voting for Kendall on Summer's blog :) That made my day :) And, thanks for the comment on his hair :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, it must be that time of year or something, many people are stressed out and I think we all need some warm air, more sunshine, longer days and enjoy this world God created. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope whatever it is you are going through will be resolved quickly and all will be better. I like to read these meme's, they are so informative of the person answering the questions.

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