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Ryan is home Thursday so of course it is going to be a day of catch up, applications, and errands. The free days fill up very quickly. I have a doctor's appointment first thing Thursday morning, then we are going straight from there to the city to get Jacob's 2 year pictures done. I am always doing his pictures about a month early because by the time they are ready it is already well into April then I have to mail them to everyone some time before he turns three lol. I had planned to scan our Christmas photos and I still haven't done that yet either lol. Some day, I will hopefully get a scanner and share those with you. I find that a year goes by soooo fast! I feel like I just got his pictures done. I will continue to just do his yearly pictures but that is it. Wall Mart has great deals, especially if you have the member card. You can get 10% off of every visit. A free 8 x 10 every visit and other great options.

Jacob is back to himself. He has been eating everything in sight. His appetite is back that's for sure. I think he had 2 banana's, 2 yogurts, a and 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast. Last night we went to my Aunt Claudette's and Uncle Johnny's for supper. Jacob ate a lot of bread with molasses, mashed potatoes and chicken nuggets. He had fun playing with Adam, Emma and Micalea. I am glad that Jacob loves playing with his cousins so much. It is amazing how priorities change after you have children. You think of their needs before your own.

I have really been sticking to the weight watchers points plan and lost 7lbs the last 2 weeks! I am on a mission to loose. I don't want to be gigantic if I ever have baby #2. I am trying to get in shape a little more before that happens. Anyway, I don't like to broadcast every minute of my weight history here but I will keep you posted with my progress. I guess the blog can help me to be accountable too. So, if any of you have good recipes and other weight loss experiences and tips please share them with me. I can't go back the way I was so this is it! This is my time baby lol.

I know this post was a little mish mash of everything, Ryan ordered the part for the camera last night and he said it should be here in a couple of days?! I didn't know it would be that quick. I am better at writing posts around my photos I guess. Thank you all for your encouragement with regards to the previous post.


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Wow, it looks like Thursday will be a busy day for you guys! But FUN, too! Can't wait to see Jacob's 2 year pics! I've done pics every 3 months of Kendall since he's been born but after he turns 2, I'll begin having them done yearly. I usually go to Walmart or Olan Mills. Glad to hear that Jacob is back to himself & gained his appetite back :) I just posted this on my blog but I think Kendall's getting some teeth~that & this new time change has really made him cranky, & that's just not like my Kendall Boo :) It will pass though. I'm starting to try to lose weight too~that's ironic, but I'm not surprised~we're SO much alike :) I'm doing it the old fashioned way though~I can't afford weight loss companies right now. I'm just eating less (but I wasn't eating a whole lot before) & exercising (on my treadmill & new AbLounge)! I lost 5 pounds in a week & a half :) Good luck to you!! I don't post about it alot on my blog either but we can help/motivate each other :) YAY, on getting your camera part that you need :) I know you're excited! Well, I need to run & get busy~got lots to do today :) OH, one more thing & then I promise to go, lol! I visited someone's blog on your blogroll (can't remember exactly which one it was now) & saw a comment that you left that you watch A Baby Story on TLC & cry. I watch that show too, when I can & I cry too!!! I'm not at all surprised though that we both watch it :) When I was pregnant w/Kendall, I watched it EVERY day because it came on an hour before Justin got home from school :) Wow, sorry for the lengthy comment! Have a great day :)

Summer said...

I can't wait until you post some more pictures Of Jacob. Have fun. That's great that you lost 7lbs so far. Way to Go!!

stephanie said...

I won't post any recipes because I don't know what you like, but I visit the recipe files over on foodnetwork.com all the time. what's cool is you can search for healthy recipes and the users rate the difficulty in preparation AND the taste. I've loved every one I've tried. :)

Good luck with the WW. and the pictures.

Erica said...

I went no Weight Watchers before i got pregnant, and I lost 12 lbs in 2 1/2 months on that program! Its a wonderful program! I've even been keeping track of my points now after I've had Annika, and found that I've been able to shed some pregnancy weight doing that. Breastfeeding helps too! :) The WW meetings are very motivating...7lbs is great!

Shanilie said...

Connie: Poor Kendall, teething is not fun. For about 2 days I was giving Jacob tylenol because he was fevered and in a lot of pain but thankfully that didn't last for too long. I took Jacob's pictures about every 3-4 months during the first year...sometimes I did it myself other times wallmart or sears. But down to yearly now. I hope Kendall starts feeling better soon. I wish I has a treadmill & ablounge. I would use them for sure! Ryan and I try to go for walks together and I am usually doing some work out video but I am looking for a change. That is great that you are trying to get fit too! Keep it up. With spring on the way and Summer this is the best time as ever. Yes, I do cry watching a baby story lol. The funny thing is after the c-section with Jacob I was so druged and tired I didn't even cry when my own was born....isn't that odd? Don't be sorry, I love long comments ;)

Summer: Thank you. I am trying. I will be glad to post pictures soon too.

Stephanie: Thanks for stopping bye and for the info. I love trying new recipes I will check out the site for sure. Pop by again some time!

Erica: Wow, really, I didn't know you were joined at WW? You always seemed the perfect size to me not huge and not a stick either. I wish I had of joined before Jacob was born...I gained 40lbs when I was pregnant for him :( I love the points tracking system. I must have been eating a TON before. 25 pts goes fast. lol that is why I breastfed as long as I had....more for me than for Jacob lol. Great job 12 lbs in 21/2 mo. Keep it up....and regaring your old post on the walk you took! That is dilligence. Burrrr!

Wendy said...

Hey Shanilie! I am so excited about your weight loss! I REALLY need to so something! I am gaining all the weight that I lost after I had Lani! *sigh* It's pretty easy to do that when I sit around here all day:( When it warms up I plan on walking a 2 mile loop that I have set up in my neighborhood about 3 mornings a week! Also with the warm weather comes more time outside and less time on the couch:) Hopefully that will help!

Are you actually a member of weight watchers or do you just count your points? I might like to go to meetings so that I have someone to hold me accountable! I am not good at holding myself accountable!

I am glad that Jacob is doing better:) You can always tell by their appetites!! Wesley also loves being with his cousins! I don't see my famiy much so he is super close to Michael's side of the famiy! We love spending time together!

I watched A Baby Story while I was pregnant with Lani and would always bawl when the baby was born! I had the same experience with Wesley when he was born! I was so tired and worn out after the csection that I could barely stay awake! The video is hilarious! With Lani I had anothe csection but I was more "there" so I couldn't stop crying! I was out of control:)

WOW! Connie and I are in the mood for long comments tonight! I hope that you are doing okay!

Margo said...

I know you'll be glad to get that camera back!

What day is Jacob's birthday? Stephen's is April 15th and Christian's is April 11th.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss. It is a struggle, isn't it? I wish you the best. Have fun tomorrow. Sounds like you will be busy. I was thinking, when you talk about going to town/city it sounds like you are far out in the country. Or is it that you have small towns close by and just when you go to the city it is more of an event for you? I imagine you to be way out in deep in the country. I am probably way wrong, just wondering.

Shanilie said...

Wendy: I understand. I used to be so much more active in a run of a day. Some days I don't even leave the house with a little one around as I am sure you know :) Wow, a 2 mile loop.....that is great. I am on a loop too :)....and actually, I think it is 2 miles as well but....I don't think I am ready for that trek yet lol. I am glad I am not alone. Yes, I am a member at weight watchers. I have been since November but held off in talking about my weight till now :) I do find them motivating and I love getting weighed every week because I am just starting to finally become aware of how much I must have been eating lol. I realize now how easy it is to gain and how weekly weight fluctuates.

Really?! you were the same after your c-section. i can't believe it. i guess we were both so tired and spent that we didn't have any energy to shed tears? Maybe I will be like you after you had Lani when my #2 eventually comes.....I can see that happening lol.

Margo: I know! I need my camera ;) Jacob's b-day is April 21 and I have been talking about it and planning it way to far in advance. lol

Ellie: It sure is a struggle!

Yes, we are as deep into the country as a person could really get. It is a great area though because it is completely center to 4 large cities. All ranging from 40mins to 55 minutes. It is a great area as well because so many people travel into the city so Ryan can either car pool to work and has a larger vicinity of places he could sub....it is also right near all of the family. I know we spend $ on gas but it is worth it because otherwise I would be so far away and without a car to see family during the day and then we would be spending gas $ on coming to visit family lol. For us it is a MUCH better quality of life. Many people would call us hicks, but my family of 'hicks' are educated and have traveled all over to come to the realization that the country is where our heart longs to be :)) I know, I am really going on about this...you can probably tell I am a country lover :)

Margo said...

You can never plan to much in advance for birthday's! :-)

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