100 Things About Jacob


100 Things About Jacob

1. Jacob was conceived in August 21, 2004
2. I was pregnant by our first anniversary and didn’t even know it – he surprised us
3. Jacob was born April 21, 2005
4. Jacob was born 10:21pm after 25 hrs of labor & ended up with a c-section
5. Jacob weighed 7 lbs 14 oz
6. He was 21 inches long
7. Jacob was born with a head full of black hair
8. Jacob breast fed almost 2 exclusive months
9. He ate every 1-2 hours!
10. His cord fell off around 3 weeks of age
11. By a month old Jacob was sleeping 10-11 hrs at night
12. Jacob always slept in his crib except the first few days in a laundry basket
13. Jacob sniffs flowers even if they are in a picture
14. Jacob plays with his toes and goes “wee wee wee” in a squealy voice (you know…the piggy’s)
15. At 9 months of age he went on his 1st airplane ride to Manitoba
16. Jacob doesn’t like sippe cups
17. Jacob had his first ever tooth on top pulled without freezing, he bumped it and it was hanging
18. He still has no top front tooth…you can tell in all his pictures when he smiles
19. He takes 3 hour naps
20. At 22 months he stopped using a bottle
21. He was walking fully by 9 months
22. He loves playing outside
23. Jacob never used a soother
24. Jacob was climbing before he was walking
25. He loves trains
26. He enjoys brushing his teeth …..and mine
27. Jacob won’t go anywhere without his blanket
28. He loves visiting family
29. He never misses me when I leave him at Sunday school
30. He says amen (memo) after we pray before every meal
31. He holds our hands and bows his head when we pray
32. He says his own prayer in gibberish too
33. Jacob loves apple juice
34. He only drinks fresh, crisp, cold milk
35. He likes to choose the clothes he wants to wear each day
36. He has NEVER kept his socks on
37. He loves bath time
38. He knows most animal sounds
39. He knows most of his body parts by name
40. Jacob loves apple sauce
41. Jacob hates peas
42. Jacob hates sweet potato
43. Jacob loves Cheerios
44. Jacob loves Juice
45. Jacob loves chips
46. He loves boiled carrots
47. Jacob is very independent
48. Jacob never minds being babysat
49. Jacob loves running naked around the house after bath time. Thinks it’s a game.
50. Jacob loves water, swimming, and blowing bubbles.
51. He loves mashed potatoes
52. Jacob only ever had 1 stomach flu which wasn’t too long ago
53. Jacob is learning to say new words every day
54. He loves driving his Fisher Price car and honk the horn
55. Jacob loves the movie Shrek 1 and Shrek 2
56. Jacob nods his head yes or no when answering us
57. Jacob just moved into his big boy bed a week ago
58. Jacob loves to color with Mommy
59. Jacob doesn’t have a huge appetite
60. Jacob loves cheese
61. Jacob loves rubbing bare skin
62. Jacob favorite snack is a dill pickle
63. Jacob enjoys carrying logs to the furnace with Daddy
64. His favorite shows are Poko, Lunar Jim and Pinky Dinky Do
65. He enjoys going to the public pool
66. He likes to put his ears under water by leaning back
67. Jacob loves nap time
68. He asks to go nih nih (night night)
69. He can swim all alone with the noodle
70. Jacob enjoys sliding down the couch cushions
71. He sleeps in his big boy bed
72. First outing was to Grammie’s and Granddad’s
73. Rolling side to side approx, July 9, 2005
74. Creeping a week later
75. Was crawling fully by the 25 of November
76. Sept. 7, 2005 first baby food
77. Sept 18, 2005 first vegetables
78. Drinks from cup Feb. 9, 2006
79. First word Da-da
80. When Ryan and I yell across the house Jacob will yell too
81. He hates his night light
82. First tooth in November, 2005
83. You loved us singing Jesus Loves Me Every Night
84. Jacob is always getting into the fridge
85. He likes wearing hair elastics around his arm like a bracelet
86. He likes to put his shoes on
87. He loves playing outside
88. He colors in the lines
89. He likes to play in his bedroom closet
90. He enjoys playing with his toys only if others play with him
91. He pulls the cats hair
92. He has the cutest laugh
93. He never had cradle cap
94. He loves to run around the house – it is open so we run round and round
95. He blows kisses and says bye bye when people leave the house
96. He gives really nice kisses
97. He loves scrambled eggs
98. He loves pancakes with syrup
99. Jacob only cuddles first thing in the morning
100. He’s got the sweetest, kindest smile and eyes you'll ever see

I saw this on a few blogs and decided to try it out too! Yes, I did use a couple of the same ones as the others' because it was true of Jacob also. Hope you enjoyed getting to know Jacob a little better :)


Wendy said...

That's so cool! I should try that with Wesley!

Drea said...

we have 2 sing jesus loves me 2 caleb at night 2 :-)

Shanilie said...

Wendy: It was fun. I am glad I did it because it made me think during the day about the little things Jacob does that I probably wouldn't even have remembered a month down the road! I used several of the same ones from others' blogs so it didn't take too too long to do.

Drea: Aww, I remember reading that once in your blog a while ago. I remembered smiling and thinking wow, they do that too :) That is a great song! :) We heard in several baby books that a little baby can remember and have memories of repeated sounds even as an adult. I thought that was really amazing; so we always sang that one because it is so repetitive. I think that it even improves brain function! Thank goodness for music. And in a way we are witnessing to our children right from birth.

Summer said...

Hi. That is a great list.

Devoted Mama said...

What a neat idea! I will have to try this later though~right now, I'm just TOO exhausted! And, I'll have to do 2 of them :) I'll definitely do it once I'm not so tired :) This is really sweet! You'll be glad you did this & can look back on it & remember little things :)

Wendy said...

Wesley and Jacob were very similar in their birth stats! He was born April 26th, and he was the same weight and length! COOL!

Shanilie said...

Oh wow, that is cool! And a b-day in April too! Great time of year I think. Don't have to worry about going into labor in winter and having to worry about roads and free enough to do things in summer because by then they will be approx 3-4 months and also I don't know how I would be in the dead heat of summer 9 months pregnant! It wasn't planned but if I have another I thing around easter is the perfect time~

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