Winter Is Here


This is what I woke up to this morning. There is no wind at all, it is -2 and the snow is perfectly packy. So, I will definitely be outside with Jacob later on to make a snow man. I will take pictures and post them under Jacob's site soon :)

I just love the look of the trees with the snow covering all of the branches. The pictures just don't do it justice at all. It is absolutely beautiful!
*click image for larger view* Front Yard

*click image for larger view* Front Yard

I also wanted to post this. This is the M&M I did with Ryan. We had fun doing it together. What I think it would be a really neat thing to try is to get someone to make an M&M for you based on what they think you look like. I think it would be interesting what another person’s M&M would look like of me :)

Ryan chose the blue peanut M&M shape. The long legs because he is pretty tall. 6’2. The hair parted to the side. Brown eyes. The raised eyebrows because he does that when he is being goofy. Plus it looked kind of inquisitive like a teacher. And I swear that the dress shoes on this M&M are identical in shape and color of the dress shoes he wears to school lol. And of course the facial hair. The final touch was the coffee cup. He is a coffeeholic.


Summer said...

hey Shanilie, have fun in the snow today. I think that is a great idea what you and Ryan did with M&M.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

OH, the snow is just beautiful! I'd love to have some snow here in Georgia!!!! Send some of that snow my way, PLEASE, lol! Hope you guys have fun playing in it~you'll have to post pics if you build a snowman :) Have a great weekend :)

Shanilie said...

Thanks to both of you :)) As soon as Jacob gets up from his nap we will enjoy some time playing in the snow. Would love to send you some. Today is the perfect snow day.

Ute said...

Well, that looks great. You will have a lot of fun. Johanna and Louisa loved to build a snowman. And now I'm searching for the right word. They love to ride downhill with a ..... what is it? A toboggan, a me out!
But it started this year, last year they didn't enjoy the snow very much.
Here, all the snow is alreasy gone and we are at +12 degrees...

Shanilie said...

Yup you got the right word. A toboggan is a type of sled. That is something else I would love to do this winter. I haven't gone sledding in ages!

Yes, Jacob is still at the age where he doesn't enjoy the cold or wearing mittens so I hope that doesn't last for too many years.

+12! wow, what a warm day. sounds wonderful. Have a good weekend!

Drea said...

Love the M&M :-) to funny. and Brr.. its to cold these days!!!

Ellie said...

Ok, with the M&M's I am so going to have to create one now! If I can do it and post it, I will, but I am a bit unlearned how to post things. Is unlearned a good word to use in this case? lol

We are having WIND, WIND, WIND here in Ohio. The wind chill factor is way below zero and....cold. This weather, again, gives me the urge to move to somewhere tropical.

Shanilie said...

Drea: lol got to love the M&M's Thanks for the idea. I am really having way too much fun with it. Yesterday when my Mom was here I even got her to do one :)

Ellie: Glad you had fun trying out the M&M. Yup, unlearned is a good word. I didn't know myself till Ryan came and helped me.

Our house is pretty tosty in winter but when the wind picks up off the bay there is no way to keep warm. Mmmmm tropical....that would be wonderful. Maybe some day ;)

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