Winter Fun


Jacob & Maggie *click image for larger view*

Patrick Pushing *click image for larger view*

Jacob and Cona *click image for larger view*

Jacob had fun playing on the ice with his cousins Emma, Adam, Micalea, Molly, Jeremiah, Halley and Maggie. My Aunt Cathy has a pond in their back yard and we all get together and skate. Jacob and Maggie had fun getting pushed around in the shovel by Patrick. Works just as good as a sled! Jacob didn’t stay out too long though because he hates the cold and refused to keep his mittens on.


Summer said...

What fun! It looks like alot of fun. The kids look really happy.

Devoted Mama said...

Aww, Jacob looks SO cute playing in the snow! Great pictures! Justin LOVES playing in the snow but the last 4-5 years, we haven't gotten hardly any & if we do get some, it's not even enough to play in~just enough to coat the ground! Glad you all had fun :)

Devoted Mama said...

OH, I was going to say, but forgot (I seem to be doing that alot lately, LOL!)~maybe we need to move to Canada where the REAL snow action is :)

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