New Beginnings!


I have some EXCITING updates! I would normally put this on Jacob’s site but I am very happy with the latest happenings, they are almost bitter sweet for me. FIRST, I threw out all of Jacob’s old bottles. The nipples were all chewed up and they were falling apart so I didn’t bother handing them over for someone else.

Jacob has gone through 3 DAYS of not having a bottle!
I thought he would cry and cry the night he went to bed without a bottle. He didn’t at all! It was like there was no change at all. At Wal Mart we bought several Nuby sippe cups, I even bought them by color, the orange ones are for juices and the blue & green ones are for just milk. I have seen many times where children won’t drink out of their sippe cups because the milk tastes like juice, the plastic seems to hold onto the flavor even after they’ve been put through the dish washer. So far it has been going REALLY well, and I think it is safe to say that he doesn’t even remember his bottles. YIPPIE!!!

The SECOND thing we did just yesterday was set up Jacob’s Thomas The Train toddler bed that he got for Christmas from Grammie and Granddad. We cut the crib cold turkey. I have heard from family members that keeping the crib in the room can be a hinderance, so we disassembled it, and it is now off to Grammie's for all her possible future grandchildren. Ryan is home most evenings this week as well as the entire weekend, so we thought this was the best time to try a new transition like this. Jacob helped Ryan with EVERYTHING, when Ryan would get close up to the assembly directions, Jacob would get close, when Ryan would put a screw in a hole, Jacob would fiddle with a screw. He was trying to do everything Ryan was doing. It was SOOOO cute! I have it on video, but I still don’t have high speed so I can’t share it with you :( The great thing about toddler beds is the fact that they use the same size mattress as a crib, so all we had to do was move the mattress from the crib to his bed. Jacob knew it was his new big boy bed and was soooo proud.

We put Jacob to bed at his usual time (between 7:30PM + 8:00PM) he jumped into bed, got cozy with his blankets, then we didn’t hear him the rest of the night. I went in around 10:00PM to peek in on him, and his eyes were wide open and he was smiling a huge smile, he blew me a kiss then said bye bye. He wanted me out of the room. Lol. I guess he was enjoying the newness of the bed. We went to bed and didn’t hear a thing till 5:30AM and heard a very loud THUD. He rolled off of the end of the bed. I think it was more the surprise rather than pain. It wasn’t that far to fall. We cuddled him and put him back to bed and got up at his usual time around 6:30AM. We heard him fiddling with the door handle in the morning. I think we had a VERY successful first night.

Now all that is left is potty training. I’ve got the potty and I have a TON of little boy underwear so I think we are all set. I am hoping to have him completely trained this summer. My boy isn’t even 2 yet and he is acting all grown up. Where is my baby?


Wendy said...

WOW! You were busy:) Wesley was obsessed with Thomas when he was that age also! We did his whole room in Thomas! I have a Thomas light switch cover if you want it! It is super cute & I have been hanging on to it until I knew someone who could use it! For some reason I couldn't sell it on ebay!?! Just email me your addy and it is yours:)

Wesley was absolutely bottle obsessed! He had one until almost 2 because he wouldn't drink out of sippys! I wish there were nubys back then! He would take his to bed empty and flick the nipple back and forth to fall asleep! UGH! Thank goodness he decided on his own that he didn't want it anymore!

Summer said...

What a big boy Jacob is. I hope you it all goes good for you and Jacob goes to bed without any problems. That bed is so great for a little boy.

About the bottles, that even greater news. Some kids have a fit when they don't get their bottles. All and all here is what I have to say "GOOD JOB MOM & DAD AND GOOD JOB JACOB!!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

WOW! How exciting! I'll echo Summer~Good job Mom & Dad & WAY TO GO JACOB :) Justin & Kendall both were the same way about bottles~Justin stopped taking bottles @ 11 months & Kendall @ 12 months~cold turkey & no problems @ all :) W/Kendall, I tried EVERY sippy cup there was & he didn't like them~until...the last one I tried was Nuby & those worked like a charm! I have all the colors too (except orange~can't ever find any of that color, it must be popular, lol!)! And, that is just awesome about the big boy bed! We haven't advanced quite that much yet w/Kendall. I'm sure he'll adjust w/out any problems as well. While we had the extra $ from our income tax, I bought Kendall a potty (a Winnie-The-Pooh one @ that :) but we haven't began potty training yet either. I'm waiting for him to be completely ready~I've heard if you rush them/train them when they'ren ot ready, it can backfire. But, kudos to you all~you're doing wonderfully :) Jacob looks SO cute in his big boy bed~that makes me want to go ahead & try it w/Kendall ;)

Drea said...

Cute Bed. We tried putting Caleb into a race car toddler bed about 1 month or so before he turned 2... that didnt work HAHA. He screamed bloody murder! So we took it out and put our old full-sized mattress up in his room.. I then got him a bed bar and placed it on one side of the bed, the other side is next to the wall. So he cant fall off unless he does what Jacob did ;-) which he has almost done once..
Hard to believe in a fullsized bed he could roll around that much but he does.

Any how. He didnt transition into the fullsized bed until after his 2nd birthday. He did it on his own though and has been great since.

When we move he will have to resort to sleeping in a twin sized bed though at my moms.. I think he will do fine tho. Im bringing the bar with me to place on the bed (it was a thrift store find for 5 bucks hehe).

Oh and those nubby sippys are nice but you'll notice they get holes in them as well. Caleb nawed them in just days. So I only buy the hard tipped sippys now. Hes been off the bottle since he was 10 months old though... so hes use to them.
He drinks out of big people cups now as well.

Any who. Im getting excited about decorating a new house. This will be our 1st home we've owned.. so its kind of neat.

Keep us posted on the potty training. I started Caleb way before he was 2... He was almost fully trained at like 18 months but then had a scare on an airport toilet (it went off while he was on it.. we had gone a solid month without poopie diapers!).. so he didnt start back until he was 2.. and now is pretty much fully trained except for bed time. He still wears a diaper at night.

the key is to put them in undies and not pullups. If they are in pullups it takes longer. They wont learn the "wet" feeling. Just buy the thick training toddler undies in the onesie dept. at walmart. They soak up the pee well if they have an accident. You need to take him every 20 minutes to begin with... then stretch it out . I would set a timer when training caleb. took about 1 month to get things going well.

Best of luck! :-D boys are harder!!

Shanilie said...

chick: Thank you ;)

Wendy: Wow, that is so sweet. I would love that! Jacob just loves trains as well. My parents were the ones who got him his bed and they almost got The Backyardians, I am glad they chose Thomas The Train. He LOVES it. Small world. I love going to Toys R Us and they have theme bedrooms set up and Thomas The Train was the recent theme. We have the laundry basket, step, and bed so far. I would love to get the table and chairs as well as the bins but haven't figured out what to do for his b-day so far. I guess we'll see

I am glad Jacob isn't the only baby who had his bottle till 21 months. He never used his sippe cups either. Ever since he was one he preferred drinking out of our glasses. But he always (only) had his bottle at night. But during the day he drank out of our cup. I am glad for the Nubby's also. I will email you soon! Thanks again :)

Summer: Thank you Summer. I am glad everything went smoothly. I actually think it was harder on me than it was for him. I'm always afraid they're going to get dehydrated, but mostly he's my little baby and I am soooooo sad that I won't be making bottles sniff sniff..... I know some are relieved to get past that point but I am sad :(

Connie: Wow! Good job with the boys. That is great that they both had no problems when they won’t off of the bottle. I think it was mostly mommy's (me) fault that he waited so long :)I would love to get a few more different colored sippe cups. I only have 3 right now but I hope to get a few more.

As for Kendall in his own bed, the only reason I switched Jacob was because he was kicking the middle railing till the wood actually snapped in half. For the longest while I just turned the crib around so it would be braced by the wall but then he went ahead and did it to the other side...and it was a brand new crib too! I just thought it was dangerous for him. If I had my way, he would be in his crib till he got too big for it, or he was crawling out of it. My mom said I was crawling out of my crib by 1 lol. When you do switch beds with Kendall, my tidbit of advice is to let him watch daddy set it up. That way it will heighten the anticipation :)Jacob was sooo excited by the time it was all ready. That is exciting about the new potty. If you're anything like me, it will sit in the house untouched for weeks. I haven't brought him to it once. I am hoping to do it once I can be diligent and consistent with it. I am not quite ready yet.

Drea: Thank you for sharing your boy's experiences. I am sure Caleb will adjust quickly with a twin bed. I sure hope your move goes well. I am so excited for you. Those side bars for beds are great. I will have to invest in one. I wish I had a thrift store near me!

WOW your first home. That is wonderful! I am sure you will have a LOT of fun decorating. That is my dream some day. Ryan has been teaching for a year now so that is a thing that some banks look at (how long you have held down a job) but if we go north we will have to wait till we get back :( It is my dream to be able to do that one day.

I wish I had of started Jacob potty training earlier but things just got so busy. Mom had all of her kids trained by 18 mo. as well. I am holding off till it gets a little warmer out. Less layers :) Caleb sure has done well. Poor thing, what a traumatic experience at the airport. Thank you for the tips, I will need all the tips I can get! I will keep you posted. Oh, I hope you parents have a computer. I don't know if you are not going to be blogging much in the near future. I hope you are not gone for too long~!

jrb said...

Yeah for you! The cold turkey approach has always worked best for us - I think your first successful night is a sign of many good nights ahead. I'll also echo Drea's thoughts on the undies vs. pullups. Pullups did nothing for us except draaaaggg out the process. After two days in undies he was peeing like a pro and we've had very few accidents.

Andrea said...

Hey Shanilie! You left a message on my blog a while ago, and I have been looking at your blog!! Jacob looks like such a little sweet!!! :) And according to this post he sounds like a real good boy too!! :) I hope my Tate is as easy to do this kind of thing with as Jacob! :) I think he'll be good though..he seems to be a very easy going kinda baby! And potty training...well, I heard from one of my friends (who's from india actually) that her mom had all 4 of her kids potty trained by the time they were 1 yr. old! Wow...and the way she did it is take them to the potty every time after they woke up and hold them there or let them sit there until they went pee! And the key is...she started at 6 months old!! So, I figured, I have nothing to lose, might as well try it and see if it works! So, Tate is just over 6 months old now and we just set up his little potty the other day and are all ready to give it a shot!! :) Anyways, it'd be nice to keep in touch through our blogs if you want! :)

Margo said...

growing up...::sniff:: You go Jacob, you big boy!

laura said...

that sounds fantastic!
he sure was poud to get his bed...i can picture him lying in it and being happy :-)
i love this post, it's so positive and such great news aswell!

Ellie said...

Potty friend has a four year old daughter who isn't potty trained yet! I hope you don't have to wait so long!

I am sure Jacob loves being a big boy and not having a bottle or sleeping in a baby bed anymore. :)

Ute said...

Hi, thats great news. We are still trying to get away from the bottle, but they never used a comforter (right word?) so they still love their bottle of milk in the morning. And they are still sleeping in their crip. We just have to take away the bars and it will be a normal small bed, but I'm afraid there will be party in the evening and no sleeping. They are sleeping in a room together...

I guess I already told you, I never had to potty-train the girls. They just decided last fall to go to the toilet. I'm really glad that it was so easy. Hope it is the same with Jacob.

Brandi said...

can't believe how big he's getting. Miss you!

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