Mom's Belly & Baby Announcement


Here are a few pictures from Jacob’s one year scrapbook

My belly at 8 + 9 months *click image for larger view*

Easy Tip .....
To get a more matte/velum look from solid paper, what you need to do is:
- Crumple a piece of paper in a ball then flatten it.
- Soak it in water (not long)
- Then dry it with a hair dryer.

I used this technique with the regular white printer paper I use for writing out Jacob in the first picture, and also for the light green in the second pictre (Dad's Diner)

The top page to the left was the baby announcement that I made. I saw one exactly like that in a baby magazine and I said to myself "I can do that myself!" Here's how you make it:

To make you own baby announcements you:
- Buy solid white recipe cards
- Choose background color (I chose a sparkly navy)
- Cut one larger square for behind photo of your choice
- Cut another square for the birth details
- Use velum to print the birth details (name, weight, height etc.)
- Use hole puncher and punch two holes close together for the ribbon to go through
- Lastly, use clear photo corners (sticky adhesive ones) to mount the photo at the top and the birth details at the bottom.

There you have it! Quick, easy, and they look better than any you can buy!


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