Jacob Loves Lego


Jacob is sitting on his wooden train set table. I will build it and within minutes he tears it apart, puts the pieces on the floor to leave room for his stuffed animals. He makes room for himself and starts playing with Lego. I think he is having more fun sitting on the train table playing toys than having it set up all the time. I still haven't taken a picture yet of the train set all set up. I will have to do it some evening he is asleep. That way it will give me a chance to get a picture before it is taken down!


Drea said...

thats exactly how caleb is. DESTRUCTIVE LIL GUY lol.
Calebs Train table is a disaster right now... im fixing to pack all his train stuff up though because he keeps destroying it :-) ill bring it back out once he learns to play nicer with his toys.

Shanilie said...

That is a good idea. I don't want Jacob to wreck it before he will be able to play with it and appreciate it a little more when he is older. Actually, I was watching an organizing show and they said that because children have so many toys, they loose interest in them. They said to put away some of their toys for a month then bring them back out and then pack different ones up. That way it is still the same type of feeling as if it were something new. I thought that was a great idea, plus it will help reduce some of his toy clutter.

Summer said...

Jacob looks like he is having alot of fun playing with the blocks. Has he played with the train set yet or does he tear it apart before he can play with it?

Shanilie said...

He will play with it, but he has more fun taking it apart and trying to piece it together himself. He likes it best as a seat. :)

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