I Lasted 10+ Days!


Alright, this is the last time you will see this on my blog. There was one more tag that said 2 weeks but I am only three days shy of that....and I liked the blue 10 day tag better. You should give it a try. Post a picture then link the referral # to your site for us to click on. It was a fun experience and it is quick and easy. NEW Check Jacob's site :)

Jacob just got up from his 2 1/2 hour nap! I am pleased that he still does have a nap some days. As I am writing this Jacob is listening to his Doodlebops CD and coloring beside me. It is so cute. We are always either singing the alphabet and writing our ABC's or we are drawing a face with eyes nose and mouth.....so right now this is what I hear "eyee, no, mo, eyee, no, mo" and on and on. He knows most of the alphabet now as well and he is only 21 months! He loves to learn.

You have probably noticed his nice looking hair due. Even after 5 washes the vaseline is still sticking his hair together.... teehee....kind of looks like I took styling gel to it! I'm sure those days will be here before I know it.

Ryan is teaching again today. Another 10 day pay period. Everyone at the high school loves him and always mentions how he should just work there permanently because he is there pretty much every day. I really hope they have some job openings for the fall because a full-time position is exactly what we are looking for. I love being married to a teacher because that is what I am. Most of you know I was the home room teacher for grade nine English/math class. It was the best year of my life and I had the best group of students I could have ever asked for......then I found out I was pregnant. I was hoping to teach right through for a couple of years till Ryan finished his undergrad but the Lord had other plans for us. As much as I love teaching, my time now is spent with my son. I have to try and be the best teacher/role-model I can be for him.

Though, we have recently started applying for jobs in the 3 territories. Ryan and I both have experience teaching in aboriginal schools when we were working with the inner city kids. Nunavut, NWT and Yukon are always desperate for qualified teachers and if we were to move up north for a couple of years I would definitely teach. (so much for my staying at home speech) but it would be a great experience for the both of us and the $ is double anywhere else plus there is the northern allowance which helps to offset the higher cost of living.

I think it is a good door to keep open. My room mate from college was from Nunavut and she was always speaking Inuktitut her native language any time she would call home and talk with family. She was a really great friend.

Their language is all symbols. I would love to learn another language or two. I am french as well and would really like to perfect it. Ryan's family speaks German but it is their second spoken language. Ryan knows some German and even uses a few German words when talking to Jacob.... Ryan has to learn a language in order to get his Doctorate in Russian literature. He said he would choose Russian, but I think French, Spanish are more spoken in the areas near us. But, I guess he would love to read some of the literary texts in their origional form. He is the smartest person I have ever met so I will support him in whatever he chooses. Anyway, I will most likely be posting about our possible move again in the future depending where Ryan ends up getting a full-time position. Last year he got a job 1 hour south of London England but we decided that it was a little too far and the cost of living was really, really high.

*My roommate & I from college* The picture quality isn't the best because it is a picture from a picture. I took this from my yearbook.


Summer Engh said...

Hey there. When I did the quiz I did my whole family. It was really fun. I enjoyed doing it. I sent the results to my sister. I hope she likes it to.

Summer Engh said...

Hi again. I was reading this article how how to get Vaseline out of hair and they said to sprinkle powder on his head, let it sit and wash with your shampoo(not kids). You might have to wash it a couple times.

Good luck

Shanilie said...

Hi Summer! Thanks for the info on getting the Vaseline out. I will try that for sure! Now to get some powder :)

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