Hockey Game


Well, I would go ahead and say that this was Jacob's first time at a hockey game but it is actually his second. The first time my pictures didn't turn out and now I don't have any record of it :(. It was run through the Tim Hortons hockey and people from all over came to play and participate. Jacob was still a little too young to play but he came with his cousins Emma, Adam and Micalea who were playing. The time between games got quite long so what they did was rented several

Inflatable play rooms. There were some with race cars and punching bags in them and others with a ton of stuff to climb but there was one that Jacob could get on and that was the pirate ship. There were little steps to help get to the top and a huge slide to get down. He had so much fun. Of course, since it was run through Tim Hortons there was all you can eat timbits and coffee. The younges cousin Adam asked me "did you come to see me, or were you just here for the food?" lol It was so cute. Funny how children's minds work. As I said in an earlier post I don't like sweets, and I really don't drink coffee so I could honestly answer in response "I came to see you...I haven't had 1 timbit!"

Jacob sitting in the bleachers.
Watching Emma, Micalea, and Adam play. In these pictures I think you can only see Adam in the middle picture #8.

We were there all day so we got to enjoy some hot dogs! Jacob has a funny look on, he is starving, chewing his food and trying to say cheese all at the same time.

Jacob had fun running back and forth down the aisles of bleachers. He never let go of his satin edged blanket. He never sucked his thumb and he never liked a soother and gave up his bottle pretty easy and he isn't even 2 yet, but the one thing that I don't think he will give up any time soon is his satin edged blanket. He finds them so cozy and soft. I was the same way when I was little. I would rub the satiny part against my face. It was so soothing. He learned that all on his own though :)

Jacob looking pretty serious :)
Jacob and Micalea

Micalea, Jacob and Adam


Summer said...

Looks like alot of fun. Jacob looks like he enjoyed himself.

Shanilie said...

Thanks Summer, it really was a fun time. I was worried that the day might have been a little too long for him but I gave him his milk and when he was tired he leaned against me in the bleachers :)

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