The Good...The Bad....& The Ugly


I have been wanting to post this for a while, it is a mish mash of a bunch of things so bear with me. I am writing this more for myself just to know I have communicated my feelings.

I have been blog searching before and have come across random blogs that are used solely for speaking terrible things, and complaining. I personally don’t understand how a person could live a happy, fulfilling life doing that ALL the time. I don’t mind saying my piece then moving on if it is something I feel strongly in but, I know one thing for certain and am educated in, and that is God's teachings. That is something I will not back down on. If there was ever to be an atheist stop by my blog I would have to say my piece then move on. Most of them enjoy a good spew of a debate but I don’t like to constantly debate. I live in a community mostly of non-Christians and also have friends who are not (as much as I have attempted) but we agree to disagree. So this blog isn't solely for Christians either.

A blog should never be a place to be railroaded. If you choose to debate that is fine, I enjoy them every once in a while if I like the topic and have time.

I have never gotten a negative comment on my blog and I hope I never do, and if I ever did (it probably might eventually happen) I hope the person would have enough guts to leave their name instead of hiding behind their computer and writing anonymous. I mean why waist time on writing a response? I make this promise to myself that if it ever happens I am not even going to respond to it ...... ever. I never have and will certainly never start.

The one thing I know is that I have control over what garbage comes into my house, whether it is by mail, email, TV shows, people, or others' ridiculous blog posts. To all of my viewers, this blog has always been a place to share with family and friends a little about our lives, sometimes a place to rant, and a place to have fun, but it will never be used as a place for discord. Who wants to bring another person sadness? What kind of person gets gratification from that?

Take a look all the way back to when I first started blogging, no comments for months. I enjoy blogging just as much now as I did then when I wasn’t getting any comments. (though they have come to be one of the highlights in my day :))) We are created in God's image. We are His and we should have actions, behavior and words that are pleasing to Him. The reason I am writing this is because I have been tempted many times to switch my blogger to have the privacy controls. That way I know who is viewing my blog and I don't have to worry about what pictures I can and can't put up, also I won't have to live with the fear that maybe some day a complete stranger will come by and say something negative.

On the other hand, one of the things that I love about blogging is the fact that I can 'meet' other people who share in some of the same interests as me, make friendships, learn from each other.....I find it enjoyable and that is why I think I am holding back. I love people 'popping in' but with that comes the good and the bad. I have friends who really like the privacy controls, but at this point I think I will hold off before I switch. That day may eventually come, but for now I am still pretty new to the blogging world and am enjoying all of my blogging adventures.


Summer said...

Hi Shanilie, I 100% agree with you. People should write about fun things in their lives not write about negative stuff. That usually brings people down. Good for you for writing this post. I like it.

Shanilie said...

Thanks Summer. Glad you liked the post. I don't mind people ranting and complaining on their's just when it makes its way onto your own site.

Ellie said...

Hi Shanilie,

Oh the nasty comments. One fellow blogger has had her share of really nasty comments, all from the same, miserable, anonymous human being. I, actually, sort of thought this woman may have known Mr. Anonymous, but I'm not sure. She just treated him with all kinds of respect, THANKING him for stopping by yet again and commenting. He finally tired of her and went on, I am sure, to make someone else miserable. She left his comments up and all!

It was enjoyable to read your thoughts on this topic. :)

Shanilie said...

Yes, I will never understand why a person would say nasty comments on another persons blog. Gurr.

I am still a little afraid that it will eventually make its way here some day.....because I have seen it happen to other friends blogs and it still blows me away!

Yes, some people enjoy making other people feel miserable and perhaps even think it is funny, but at least leave your name and not put anonymous. Glad you enjoyed the post.

Laura said...

Hey Shan,
I just had a great time reading your latest posts as my computer broke down last weekend. But now everything is allright again ;-)
I hope everything is allright with you guys!
Your plans about moving when Ryan gets a job sound interesting and I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy it. I mean, you can always move back if you don't :-)
And don't you worry about a person stoping by your blog and maybe leaving a negative comment. No one you know would do that, and the ones you don't know and do that shouldn't be of your interest. Your blog is great!!!
Love, Laura

Shanilie said...

Hi Laura, Glad you got your computer fixed. I was thinking I haven't seen you online in a while. Glad you enjoyed browsing through the lastest posts. Thanks for the advice :) yes, we are ready for another adventure I think and we would probably most definitely move back once some of our are paid off.

You're right....I am not going to worry about what others might write. I enjoy keeping my comments options button options open to anyone. hope all is well. How is your last year going?

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