Doctor Appt. Update


I'm alive, I made it. After waiting in the waiting room for almost 2 hours I got in! Jacob was great waiting all that time. He would walk from person to person and smile. Most people are glad for the presence of a child.

I went in sat down and told the doctor, "You know the sore throat I mentioned last time I was here....well, I still have it. It hurts to eat, swallow, and it even is starting to affect my voice." Anyway, he figured that since it wasn't going away that it must not be a virus. Go figure. He said that the throat can get a build-up and get various bacteria's from using puffers. And that is about when it started back when they gave me puffers to use for two weeks when I got bronchitis.

He prescribed me this thick, bright yellow medicine that tastes terrible and I am supposed to swish it through my mouth, gargle, then drink it, and not have water till about 10 minutes later so that the throat stays coated 4 times/day. He said to come back in 10 days if after that I still have a sore throat. He also said "Don't wait as long as you did this time" lol. I can't tell if it is working yet since I just started taking it. All I feel is this thickness of gunk in my throat. Nice :) I am glad that we might have figured things out :) I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. Thanks for all your concern and prayers.

Sketch of Jacob *click image for larger view*

I just had to add this. I was playing around with some of Photoshop's features and came across this one. I was inspired by "Connie" when she got Justin's picture done like this at a Chuck E Cheese photo machine. It looks really neat! Check it out. I haven't seen any around here so I thought I would see if I could get something similar to it myself. So, here it is. A pencil sketch of Jacob lol. Actually, it reminds me more of a page in a coloring book. This picture was just taken a few minutes ago by Jacob who was watching me play around with this photo. He really enjoyed it. He kept pointing to body parts and saying what they are. I am also happy that I got the picture taken before he started to smile. Now we can see his eyes because he isn't doing the squinty cheese face. Oh I love him!


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Glad you are okay. Now go take your medicine!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Glad you made it to the dr. & got some medicine to get you well! I hope it works & that you feel 100% soon :) I'll keep praying :) That is a great sketch of Jacob :) Thanks for the mention~we went to Chuck E. Cheese though for Justin's~it's a kids pizza restaurant that has a BILLION games! I was looking @ the photo program that came w/my camera & there's ALOT of different things to do. Once I get my housework & laundry caught up ( I'm *almost* there~I've got to clean the bathrooms & get some laundry folded & put up & I'll be done~plan to work on laundry in just a minute & while Kendall's napping, I'm going to clean the bathrooms), I'm going to play around w/it & make some "creations"~you inspired me :) Hope my good blogger friend & her family have a fantastic weekend:)

Summer Engh said...

That is great news! Glad you went to the doctor to get some medicine. Why is it that Mom's went to long to go see the doctor? I am like that. When I had Strep throat. I would wait until I was is so much pain, then I would go. I haven't got that sick in a long time.

laura said...

hey...good to hear that you finally made it to the doctor and got a medicine ;-)
i hope that it will help.
all the best, laura

Shanilie said...

Connie: Thanks Connie. Oh, right, you got his picture done there....I will fix that ;) Sounds like a productive day ahead. That is exciging about the program that came with your camera. It is always fun learning new stuff :)

Summer: Thanks Summer. Yea, we are a lot alike that way. I always wait till I'm half dieing jk

Laura: Thank you Larua. I hope it works as well. :) All the best to You too.

Wendy said...

OOOHHH!! I love that sketch! I have photoshop but haven't seen that on there! I am still learning how to use it! You will have to send me a tutorial!! I need to get "Photoshop for Dummies" Do they make that? LOL!!!

I am glad that you have some meds and I hope that it works! I have never heard of that! I could NEVER take that kind! I gag on liquid meds!

Have an awesome weekend!

Ellie said...

I love the sketch of Jacob. Any kinds of sketchs and black and whites grab my attention for some reason.

So glad you finally did go to the doctor and have gotten something for that sore throat of yours! The yellow stuff sounds really nasty, but I guess we do what we have to do to feel better, huh?



Laura F said...

Hey Shan, let me guess, the med is called Nystatin right? (if that's not the name on the bottle, do a bit of research, and the other name for it is probably nystatin) - it's an antifungal. :) I guess I've never tasted it, but it doesn't smell terrible to me. And I wonder if the doc or pharmacist never told you, but it's often recommended to swish water in your mouth to rinse it after taking most puffers - especially the steroid varieties.

Shanilie said...

Hi Laura! Your comment was a nice surprise on the blog. Thank you :) Yes, you know your stuff that's for sure. I have heard about rincing my mouth after puffers. I hope it works. Lots of love. Kisses for Ciara from Auntie Shan :)

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