Crazy Days....


*click image for larger view* Jacob & Daddy

Oh my, what a day it has been. Jacob is down for his nap today….thankfully. The last two days he hasn’t had a nap. He isn’t even two yet! I know children well into the age 4-6 that still have naps. What age did your children stop having naps? I still think I will put him down for a bit even if he just has some alone time talking with himself. I am scared because I don't want his napping days to be over :(

Second thing: Ryan called from work, he had left a form at home that he needed during the day and wanted me to read it off to him. I was on the phone maybe 2-3 minutes tops and when I came into the living room Jacob had gotten a chair, pushed it over to his change area and rubbed vaseline ALL over his hair, clothes, couch, carpet EVERYTHING. So normally he would have a bath right before bed, but today first thing this morning he went into the tub. Even after washing his hair 5X with baby shampoo and dish soap his hair is still sticking together. Any advice???? This is the first time he has taken the chair and pushed it over to where he wants to reach something. What a smarty pants....and a new can of worms being opened.

The last thing I wanted to say is that after his swim on Tuesday he put his feet down in the shallow end!!! Before he wouldn't stop wraping his legs around me and now he doesn't mind his feet touching! This is a huge accomplishment for him. It was really bad there for a while and I am pleased to announce that he is over that. He is almost getting too care free, several times he was inching too close to the water that was over his head. Eyes are on him 100%.


Devoted Mama said...

Aww what a cute pic of Daddy & Son :) You should also print this one for them :) AS far as naps go~Justin stopped taking naps @ 2 1/2 but I truly don't think Kendall will give his up that soon~he LOVES his naps :) Maybe Jacob will last a while longer :) Oh No~at least it was just vaseline though & he didn't injure himself :) I don't have any suggestions on how to get it out~sorry~but good luck :) That's awesome that Jacob is getting more confident in the water~Way to go Jacob :)

Shanilie said...

Thanks Connie. well, that sure is encouraging. Yes, I sure hope that Jacob will keep having least till 3.

lol, I am going to have to lock every chair in the computer room from now on. Who knows what things he will be getting into now.

Ute said...

Hmm, the girls are still napping up to two hours when they are with me, when they are with their nanny (it ist actually not a nanny, because they are staying with other kids at her home, but I don't know the english word. In german it is Tagesmutter) during the times I work, they sleep for an hour. There is no chance that they are making it through the day without spleeping.

I laughed out loud over the story with the vaseline. I have no tip for you, sorry. We had a mess with concrete the other day. Our bathroom is still not ready, the girls had their hand on a sack of concrete and decorated themselves and the whole house with it. "Look mom, I'm white all over"...

Shanilie said...

I think I understand. Kind of like a babysitter?

Yes, I guess it is funny when you think about it :) It was literally caked on every inch of his clothes and skin. oh dear....all over the house....children just keep us on our toes that's for sure!

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