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Yippie - Horay! Thank goodness my computer is fixed and up and running. I thought it was a bigger problem than it actually was....I am telling you the sounds coming out of it were horrible. Ryan knows a whole lot about computers, which I am glad for because I am really not interested in learning the whole technical aspect regarding computers. I can turn it on, use a few programs and blog. Through my adventures in blogging I have gradually been able to learn a whole lot more about the html coding (I never knew it even existed before) so I am thankful to be able to just get by lol.

Ryan ordered new parts on Friday and picked them up on Sunday afternoon….yes, we now have Sunday shopping. It has actually come in handy I have to admit. Anyway, that is a discussion for another time I guess. The problem was the CPU fan. I guess the bearings were shot. It was overheating. To think that something this little could have such a huge impact in cooling down the computer while it is running. I know it was only 4 days without the use of the computer but I am so glad to have it up and running.

I didn't realize how the computer was such a big part of my life. When you have to go without it for 4 days you realize a little more how much you rely on it. Not just because of the blog, but also for printing labels and journaling for my scrapbook, I use it for checking the weather every morning. My family even comes over in the evening to do research and other misc. things. because they recently decided to have a computer free home.....now they come here ;). Ryan also has to go online every day to find job postings and to check his subbing schedule etc. We also have family across country in MB that we correspond regularly through emails. We even had a web cam for a while (back when we had high speed). I also use the computer ALL the time when I am uploading and editing pictures I take. With a little one in the house, picture taking has become a huge part of our lives. My family finds it amusing how many pictures I take in a day. When I married Ryan we had 1 scrapbook album and our wedding album, if you look at my photo album shelf now, you will see that I have over 12! But, some are smaller than others. I love editing my photos and making them black and white. I try to be creative, and I have a confession to make......I wish I could take more picture more often! I don't think you can have too many.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I was visiting a new blog recently called "Jason. For the love of God" she got a *weekend wink* from Ellie, and she did a post on what attracts you to keep coming by certain blogs. Also, she mentioned that she enjoys catching up on her blog reading on the weekend and noticed that many people don't blog on the weekends. I have to say I was one of them. You know, she's right. Some times the weekend is the best time to do blog surfing and posting. My weekends are usually busy, but I will give it a try and start blogging on the weekends a little more often. For me, what keeps me coming back to blogs is a variety of different things. Sometimes it is the pictures, and other times it is the topic. I know several blogs where pictures are never uploaded and I enjoy them just as much. If you look back to when I started blogging it was all pictures, but now I see that I am doing a lot more writing than usual. I love sharing mom stories, but then again, a lot of my blogroll friends are not Moms yet. What keeps you coming back to certain blogs?


Wendy said...

The mom blog's attractred me at first since I just had Lani but now that I have become more involved in the blogging world I love all types. Some I read but not comment because they intrigue me! Others I feel like they are my friends even though we have never met!

That Chick Over There said...

Hehe! I came back to see what was up with you today! :)

Glad your computer is fixed. I would be in a world of hurt if mine was broken. :(

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Glad you got your computer fixed~There are several reasons, blogging included, that people's lives are so dependent on now. The main thing that keeps me coming back to blogs is the friendships made thru blogging. I love hearing Mom stories as well & relating different stories/milestones of Justin & Kendall & other kids :)

Shanilie said...

Wendy: Same here. Some times I find certain blogs intriguing but probably would never comment. Then there are others who I have developed friendships. I find that to be another part of blogging I love.

"Chick": Glad you came back. Some come once then never again. I am loving your blog and will probably be a frequent visitor :)

Connie: Yes, I love having a place to record Jacob's milestones. I don't journal in writing much, so I am glad to have my blog. Thank you for sharing :)

Summer said...

Thats great your computer is up and running again. My cousin Lisa told me her blogger address and I searched through certain blogs. I found the ones I like and i have stuck with them. I also like the stories they tell, and the blogs have great pictures of their kids.

Shanilie said...

Thanks Summer. I really missed blogging :) I'm the same way. I find a few I like and stick with them.

Ellie said...

Hey, your back on! Yeah!!! I have to make this really quick, lunch break is up...I come back to blogs for content. I know people spend lots of time jazzing up their sites with photos and stuff, which is nice, but unless you have content I don't usually come back for another visit.

See you later tonight...or tomorrow. :)

Ute said...

Well, great that you are back to blogging world...
What makes me read blogs frequently is that I feel the blogger and I share the same interests. You just have to have a good feeling.
Amazingly, a have more comments from blogger overseas than from german ones.

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