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Well, I am heading to the doctor later on today (3:45PM) …..ugh….I have been prolonging this for way too long. Several weeks back I mentioned my throat feeling so bad that it was sticking together….well, it hasn’t got any better. I guess I was hoping that it would go away but it hasn’t. I have been taking pain killers first thing in the morning when I get up and in the evening before I go to bed, bought every kind of throat spray, drops, lozenges etc. Nothing, absolutely nothing helps. Hummm, I still don’t even know what I am going to say to the Dr. “ummm, yea, I have a sore throat” he’ll probably laugh at me and tell me it is just a virus like he told me last time (almost 2 months ago!) Is it possible for a sore throat to never go away?! I thought it was strep, but nothing turned up with my last throat swab. I guess we will see.

On another note, I had to post these 2 pictures. Doesn’t it just bring tears to your eyes? Jacob was at a birthday party for his cousin Molly, and one of her gifts was a back pack filled with markers, colors, and colored pencils etc. Anyway, Jacob knew exactly what to do with it and put it around his arms. It just made me think of the school bag he will have on his back for his first day of school. I know it is not for another 2 ½ years yet…..but his first 22 months have gone by so fast! Doesn’t he look like a little school boy :( Where does the time go?!

At times like this I try to tell myself that childhood is fleeting and that I have such a short period of time to parent him. Knowing this I want to make sure that my actions and behaviors to him are out of love, it makes me want to love more, have fun more, spend more time with him, it makes me want to have more patience with him and to teach him more. I know I am still his mother and I can’t be “the best friend” all the time but he will be out of the house in no time then he will spend the last three quarters of his life possibly parenting his own children. So to all Mom’s out there…… take the time you have now and make the most of it because this time is fleeting. When Jacob looks back on his childhood I want him to know that he was loved more than anything in this world, and to have positive childhood memories. Too many times I have seen people resent their parents for mistakes etc. that went on. Children make up a 1/3 of our population, they are our future, so we need to make sure that we have positive parenting, and show godly actions (LOVE especially).

After writing this I noticed what the “Motivation For Mom’s” clip had to say for today…I thought it was fitting especially since I was writing about this today as well! It says “Smile often, and let kindness be a cloak you wear as an example to your children.”

My handsome boy! Children need to be bragged up sometimes! I cheer and clap my hands and compliment him often. He is just so proud and loves the attention too :) I know some who never do that, they even told me that he will grow up arrogant and let it go to his head. Who says that?! Jacob isn't even 2 yet! I don't get some people....gurr. I guess it bugs me more because it is my own child. It is a studied fact that childrens good behavior needs to be rewarded. I think it helps the child feel secure, and want to do better. I also think that it is a good confidence builder. For the most part, what I can see is that most people need a little more confidence in themselves.


mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Aww, such sweet pics of Jacob~he does look like such a big boy! You're right, time definitely does fly!! You're also right about making the most of the time we have w/our children & praising them. I praise my boys ALOT, big things & little things :) This was a good post~enjoyed it :) OH, I wanted to ask, how did you do the collage w/text? I asked Amber on her blog how she done hers & she told me she did hers using CorelDraw (I think that's what it was called) & I looked it up online & you have to pay to use it & I really can't afford that right now. Is there anything free that you can use to do it?

Shanilie said...

To be honest I do most of my pictures like this on Paint. I know, not the most technical. I don't know what photo programs you have, image maker, adobe photoshop, gimp2? Anyway, it doesn't matter which one as long as your picture is saved in a jpeg format you can do ANYTHING!

All I do is open a new page in photoshop and copy and paste several pictures then open it in paint and use the line tool and outline my pictures with whatever width and colors you want. You can also add text. You can even right click on any photo you have and click on open with (choose paint) and you can do it that way with an individual picture. That is all I did for a while till I got the hang of it. You'll be drawing over the picture but you can (using the line too) add a boarder around the picture and even add text on the picture.

Anyway, I hope this helps. If I was in Georgia I would come over and show you :)

Glad you enjoyed the post.

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

Thanks Shanilie~you're always SO helpful :) I meant to put this in my last comment but forgot~I hope you feel better soon & I hope the dr. can find out what's making your throat hurt so you can get some relief. I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers :)

Summer said...

Jacob looks like such a big boy. Candace starts school in September of this year. Where has the time gone? I am kind of exicted and nervous. I will probably have to stay with her a couple of days until she gets used to it.

Paul said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog this morning. 'Preciate it.

Your last paragraph: You're absolutely right.

Ute said...

Oje, a sore throat for weeks, I just have one for one day and feel very sorry for myself. I hope you get some help.

Agree with you about the little one. I cannot believe, that the girls celebrate their 3rd birthday next week.

At what age are the kids going to school? the children here in Germany just start at the age of 6. From 3 to 6 they go to the "kindergarden", preschool is a part of "kindergarden" and starts a year before school.
I already learned that in the States the kids go to preschool first and then to "kindergarden".

I always think it is funny to write the word "kindergarden" in an english text, because this is a german word.

Wendy said...

Oy! I hope that you get something for your throat! I had strept xmas eve! Neve had it the 12 years I worked in child care but get it when I am at home! Go figure! I guess that I am losing my strong immune system!

I agree with you about how fast the time flies with your kiddos! We know that Lani is our last one and as excited as I am about all her "milestones" I also feel sad knowing that we wont experience it again! This is why I feel so blessed that I can be home with her and experience it all!

Ellie said...

Jacob is so cute and sweet and smart too! He observes others and already knows what to do with a book bag! :)

I hope you feel better soon. Sore throat is a nasty thing to contend with at times. You will have to let us know what the doctor said.

Shanilie said...

ConnieNot a problem at all. Any time. Thank you for the prayers.

SummerWow, starting school already! I guess you know all about that. A time for mixed feelings for sure.

PaulThanks for popping in :)

UteReally, I never knew that kindergarden was the same in German as well!

Here school starts anywhere from 4-6. It depends if you have your birthday meets the deadline of Oct.15th. So, if I was four when I started school in September I would have to turn 5 by oct. 15th....make since? My birthday is in mid September so I started my first few weeks of school when I was four.....but parrents have the choice because my mom could have waited till next year for when I was 5 going on six. But I was glad to start college when I was 17. As for pre school, they call it K meaning kindergarden) K3 or K4 so you can be three or four.

WendyOuch, on Christmas eve! Not fun. Plus, a lot of clinics are closed around then too :( I'm right there with you! I taught and never got sick, but it seems I catch everything now that I am home with Jacob. Maybe it helped that we were surrounded by people/germs all day, to help build it up? 2 is a good #. I hope my 2nd is a girl then I would be all done too! lol

Ellie Yes, he is a smart boy. He still blows me away. I will update for sure!

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