Okay, here I go. I have been to other peoples blogs where they have said a few great things about their spouse, but now I am going to do it! I have always wanted to do this and now that it is Valentine’s day I thought this would be a fitting time as ever to do it. I know it is a pretty long post but over the last week or so I have been adding to it bit by bit in Word so I could post it this morning lol. One of my favorite quotes from a movie I enjoy Moulin Rouge

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

We have that quote engraved in our engagement picture silver frame.

♥You carry Jacob down to the car & buckle him in every time we go somewhere.
♥You enjoy playing games with me in the evening and Get Jacob completely ready for bed sometimes
♥Ever since Jacob was born you have never missed a night singing Jesus Loves Me to Jacob
♥You write poetry and surprise me with love notes
♥You always give me flowers to surprise me…sometimes even a plant (It lasts longer lol)
♥Some mornings you will offer to get up will Jacob at night and let me sleep in a little longer
♥He is always fixing something around the house
♥Ryan does all the grocery shopping and even takes Jacob with him at times just so I can have a little time to myself.
♥You turn off all the lights at night and lock the doors.
♥You make Jacob scrambled eggs when he wants them and make his bottles
♥You still get up with him at night quite often
♥You take out the garbage.
♥You get the mail and do all the errands in town.
♥You pick up snacks sometimes to surprise me and to make the evenings/weekends special.
♥You are always SO happy to see us when you walk into the house even if you had a hard day or are tired. Seeing us is the highlight of your day
♥Your are strong in your own way and your calm confidence really helps me to feel protected and safe.
♥You never get tired of seeing the smile on my face, you still melt
♥You offer to take over when Jacob is driving me crazy and needs some daddy time, every day you try to take time and spend it with Jacob
♥You take care of ALL sorts of things that I don't have to concern myself with like taking care of our car, etc.
♥You give me hugs just when I need them.
♥You refill the water jug
♥You can read my thoughts and we are always finishing each others’ sentences
♥You do our finances
♥Bring in the wood for the furnace and make the fire a lot of mornings
♥Change Jacob in the evening sometimes when I am completely exhausted
♥You shovel the driveway and clean out the car
♥Ryan is such a hard worker. He gets up early each morning and sometimes works two Jobs a day and is away from home from 6:00AM – midnight
♥He loves my cooking. He always says “that’s the best ____ I’ve ever had. And I never get tired of hearing it :) and always thanks me
♥He helps around the house. He is the one who will sweep the floor when needed….the one chore I don’t like lol, he will even throw in a load of laundry from time to time and empty the trash…..cleans the bathroom, folds the clothes from time to time and makes the bed
♥He rents the movies he knows I will enjoy. I know there are a lot of movies that I know he would enjoy but I wouldn’t. We usually like the opposites when it comes to movies
♥When I was pregnant he made it priority to make sure he sang, talked, or read to my belly. He wanted the baby to know his voice. Ryan is the best father and I am so proud of him!
♥Ryan always puts his family first and tries to do this no matter how busy things can get. He always finds a way to make me feel special, he needs me, wants me, and loves all of me…..even the annoying parts. He sees the hundreds of ways we are “made” for each other and thanks God often that He brought us together.

I never realized before what love was till I met Ryan and I never really thought of the fact that God had someone “for” me in the past when there were times I was so clueless. It amazes me to know that God had His hand in this and knew what was best for the both of us. I hope we can stay healthy so that we can live each day to the fullest and live old together because Ryan is the only man for me.

You’re my best friend in the whole world!

On a day like today I can't help but think of God's love for me and all the things he has blessed us with.

I have such an amazing, caring, hardworking, goodlooking, godly husband who loves me and Jacob unconditionally. I have the cutest, sweetest, smartest boy in the whole world. We are all healthy and safe and love Jesus.

I could go on and on about my family, but I already have before! Although, we aren't rich we still are able to make ends meet. I am able to stay home and raise my son and the Lord has always shown his provision and watchcare over us.


Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Wonderful. You are all so adorable.

Today is a perfect day to post such a wonderful tribute to your 'men'...

Happy Valentine's day to you and yours.

Shanilie said...

Thanks Janet :) Happy Valentine's Day to you and your fam. as well :)

Amber said...

Great list....Happy Valentines Day!!

Margo said...

Have a happy day!! :-)

Ellie said...

Ryan sounds like a real treat to be with. God has blessed you greatly and I am glad that you are seeing it so early in your marriage, most people don't and hone in on the bad stuff only. May God keep blessing your marriage and may you and Ryan keep growing with each other. I hope you enjoy the strawberrys! ;)

Summer Engh said...

Love your post. Very good. It's nice to have a special connection with the man you love. Happy Valentine's Day. Enjoy your day.

Shanilie said...

Thank you everyone :) What else can I say...I luv feeling the love!

mamaof2sweetangelboys said...

What a sweet post! I'm sure that Ryan will appreciate it :) I don't know if it's because Bobby & I have been married for 17 years or what, but we just don't celebrate/get into Valentine's Day. He did call be around 2 PM today though & wished me a Happy Valentine's Day :) Anyway, I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day :)

jrb said...

Hello - glad you stopped by! I think you are my first non-family/friend comment. :) I love the list about your husband. I have some friends and we say that we should form a "good husband" club. We have the best men. They do dishes, diapers, everything. Sounds like you could join our club anytime.

Shanilie said...

Connie: Thanks! :) Yes, Ryan was all choked up when he read it. He said it was the best 'Valentine's Gift he could ever get.....even though I didn't really intend for it to be that lol. That is sweet that Bobby would call and wish you a happy Valentine's.

Hello again :) Glad you took a look at my blog :) I'm all for the best men club ;) I know several people who could benefit from that for sure. We can be thankful we struck a good one lol!

Melanie said...

Ryan definitely sounds like a keeper. :) God bless you all.

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