Birthday Party


Getting ready to eat his hot dog.

Jacob loved watching all of the other boys hitting the piñata. By the time it was his turn he was really hitting it hard.

He also got to play musical chairs....or course with the help from mommy. But he did get the idea. I just helped him to get there a little faster ;)

The birthday party was a Car's theme.

Jacob playing with a mechanical cat. It purrs, meows, walks, and massages its feet on you. and it looked real! Now that is my kind of cat....I may have to exchange my real ones for that. What do you think lol?

Jacob had fun playing with the other children. but at times I would look for him and he would be in the play room playing contentedly by himself. He especially loved playing with the geo train set. (That is the one I am hoping to get him for his 2nd birthday). Jacob has gone to families homes for birthdays but this was the first one we went to that wasn't family. The person who gave us our orange and white cat to be exact. I only met them a couple of times and her son and Jacob loved playing together. It started at 9:30AM which worked out great because Jacob still gets a noon nap. Overall it was a great time. I am glad that Jacob can play with other children. It is a great way to develop good social skills, plus they can learn from each other and learn to share. I have to admit that I was shocked when Jacob grabbed the toys out of someones hands. I guess all children have to learn how to share.


Drea said...

what fun. caleb loves cars and trains 2

Devoted Mama said...

Aww, it look like he had a great time! I love his Camo jacket :) Glad he had a good time & enjoyed the party & playing w/the kids :)

Shanilie said...

Drea: Yes, boys just seem to love driving them around and making the vroom sounds that go along with it :)

Connie: Thanks for the comment. lol that is funny that you would notice his camo jacket because he has wayyy too much camo stuff. His winter snow suit looks like that. He's my little hunter man. :)

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